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The beginning of a new year
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One day we will be normal again.
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July 31, 2003
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Aug 20, 2020
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Aug 27, 2020
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Sep 03, 2020
Sep 24, 2020
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Guests: Richard Whitehead
Tyrrell McGeever,
Maggie McGeever,
Carol Hayllar
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Welcome to our Club!
Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Old Shire Office.
Point Nepean Rd
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We will be back when we are allowed. We currently meet online with Zoom invitations. So just don't turn up to the above location at the moment because there will be no-one there!!
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The Rick Bit


Hi all

Rod Troutbeck Andrew Turner and I had a worthwhile Zoom meeting on Sunday morning - not too early mind you!

We discussed ClubRunner and Bulletin issues, with the idea of spreading IT responsibilities and spending more time getting members comfortable with the way that Rotary and the in fact the world communicates.


I visited the IR website today to get a record of the Paul Harris Fellowships that the Club has awarded over the years and stored the documents in the ClubRunner records.

An interesting bit of History!

To view them click on the following link. HERE You will have to log in to see the document.


To make it easier to log on to Club meeting I have set up the Homepage of our website see image below. And you will notice there is a link on the bulletin. But to use this link you have to log in with you ClubRunner password. This prevents any uninvited guest from attending. But don't worry if you have lot your password I will be sending the usual invitation by email.



As mentioned along with other clubs in the cluster I have set up a Sleep in The Car fund raiser. So far I am the only one from our club to fund this event. You don't have to sleep in your car no-one will know but you can donate to the cause in our clubs name so we don't come last.

I see Frankston Rotary is leading the field at the moment with $1,420 raised so far compared to our $20!

To see what going click the link below. And hopefully donate I hate sleeping alone!!!


Merve has been keeping some frozen leftovers from our sausage sizzles and rather than letting them go to wasted we have decided to sell them of at a generous discount to member. Please let Merv know if you want any of the safely kept tasty treats. And we will get them to you somehow.

list of current stock and clearance prices available to all members.

And I have already snatched up a pack of onions.


3 packs of Coles sausages (22 in a pack) for $6.00 each


1 pack of Coles hamburgers ( 8 in pack) $5.00


1 pack of shortcut bacon ( 1kg) $6,00


2 packs of Coles chopped onion ( 500gram packs) $1.00 each


1kg approx of sliced onions $1.50


5 packs of Coles bread rolls ( 6 in a pack) $1.00 per pack


3.5 loaves of white bread  80 cents per loaf

Happenings at the last meeting

Meeting was opened at 7:09 by the Sergeant.

President Rick toasted the medical workers who are continually providing protection and care to the community.

Harry gave the Rotary invocation.

President Rick stated that there was a board meeting the previous night.

Secretary Bob gave his report.

Tony recommended that the club raise money through a virtual market place either Ebay, Market Place or Gumtree. Goods could be stored in the Church garage.  

Adrian spoke about identifying new members  He would like to have a process of inviting new members through pride of workmanship program.

Treasurer Mark indicated that we have limited funds, He has invoiced 15 sponsors and 3 have responded.  We need to be judicious about how we spend our funds. We have some money in term deposit for a rainy day and earmarked for the pump track and other improvements and the Hillview Community Reserve. 

Brenden: Livia left on the 5th of July with an excess luggage bill of $320 which could not be paid in cash. Livia arrived back home after a cancelled flight on the 8th July.  She has sent a big “thank you” to Rotary.  Club thanked Brendon and his family for assisting in her travel and accommodation.

Tyrrell would like to re-join if Maggie can attend to assist him.

Chris said that Marg was doing well but will take a while to get back to her old self.

Carol spoke about Ford activities (see below).  

It was suggested that a debate type session could be useful. Please supply ideas or topics for a debate night to the President.

Here are few members and friends we have not seen for a while …

It is always good to see Ray and Elaine …

Apologies if I have missed something;  the recording did not work!

I had some good news last week. The Sorrento Rotary is intending to hold its annual Art Show in January 2021. This is a brave call with social distancing, mask wearing and nervousness of the community at large. They hope this exhibition to become a Cluster Event, supported by the clubs in our cluster. The theme will be Mental Health, all proceeds will go to that cause. Artists themselves often suffer these issues, history tells us so. To be successful they need 500 exhibits, there will be no categories and artists can exhibit five works each, two of which may be”oversize” up to 1.5 square metres Rotary Sorrento needs to know soon whether they will have enough works to go ahead. They ask all Artists interested in supporting this great cause to reply soon, as they need to make this big decision within the next three months, email them with your name and a simple

"Yes I am interesting in exhibiting"
“No, not this show.”

Please pass on this information to your friends and relatives who may well be interested.


And from Sue Viney
I’ve lived in many places and have may memories of all the wonderful and diverse places we have in Australia.
In WA, I lived in Watermans Bay, Derby, and Kalamunda.
We relocated to the “Eastern” States, to Malvern Vic, and then on to Launceston Tasmania.
I met my husband Tony in Launceston and from thereon a new set of relocations and adventures, to other areas of Australia.
In between our RAAF years
I had two children and in their late teenage years we settled in our present state of Victoria.

Tony and I have many interests in our retirement and are never bored, even in “lockdown”
Our interests include a great love for nature, boating, art, music, restorations and of course family.
In our later years we still have many goals and aspirations. 
We now may be a little slower,  but very much engaged in life. 
I nominate Joy Long to follow me.

On the lighter side

How are you coping with the lock down??