September is

Basic Education and Literacy Month Month
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One day we will be normal again.
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Ends 8:00 pm
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Sep 23, 2020
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Sep 24, 2020
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Oct 28, 2020
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Oct 29, 2020
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September 8
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September 15
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September 21
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September 29
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September 21
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September 26
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September 2, 2004
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September 24, 2019
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Technology for the community.
Sep 24, 2020
Oct 01, 2020
Giving refugees hope in Uganda
Oct 08, 2020
Kid's health care in the age of Covid
Oct 15, 2020
Boundary Road Project (proposed reopening of old Pioneer quarry)
Oct 29, 2020
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Guests:Sari Hayllar
Grace Fanning
Bernard Dobson
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Davis, Adrian
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Welcome to our Club!
Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Old Shire Office.
Point Nepean Rd
Dromana, VIC 3936
We will be back when we are allowed. We currently meet online with Zoom invitations. So just don't turn up to the above location at the moment because there will be no-one there!!
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President's Message
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Hi all

Our Mate David B

We hope to have some more good news regarding David's conditions soon. I will send you the latest as soon as I know more.


As requested by DG Mark, please fill in the document I sent earlier and return it to []

Hi All

It was great to see some visitors attending last week's meeting

Grace Fanning, Bernard Dobson, and Sari Hayllar

Please feel free to send an invitation to our meetings to a friend you never know what might come of it



While we are still battling to get involved in projects it is good to see that our silent helpers, the Spinners, are hard at work.

I thought I should empty the one at the Dromana Hub. Just as well I did because there is 23.5 KG of coins and a few notes in there, and I struggled to take it to my car.

All we have to do now is figure out how to bank it, because I am not allowed to travel to the Rosebud Branch where they have a coin counting machine.


Sometime ago Mike Smith, I think, suggested that we could hold a debate one evening on Zoom. we just need a good non political non racist non sexist non religious subject and six volunteers.

Maybe that combination is too much to ask.


Where are all those ideas we need some!!



Something to keep your brain ticking over

A hiking group are on a five day hike.

On the first day they cover one quarter of the total distance.

The next day they cover one quarter of what is left.

The following day they cover two fifths of the remainder.

On the fourth day they do half of the remaining distance.

the group now have 14 miles left to go.

How far have they walked?

The answer will be published next week.

But if you work it out before hand let me know by email.

I want the steps you went through as well as the answer.

The answer can be rounded up to the 4th decimal place.


See you on Thursday!!!!


Carol's Reminiscences

Margaret and myself went to school at Star of the Sea, albeit at different times.  One memory we share was how the nuns got money from cake stalls,  selling toffees etc to the local State Savings Bank. I found out recently they put money in a girl's school bag and she rode her bike. Margaret's memory is of being a foot soldier for the same task. The bags would have been very heavy as pound notes were a very rare sight,
but the pennys, shillings and those in-between would have been counted both by the nuns and at the bank. When I told my brother this story,
he thought the girls were a bit slow, boys would have taken their 10%. 
Girls are honest because their guarding angels looked over their shoulders.


Margaret Booth,

Hello FORD friends, I was born in Sandringham, went overseas when I was 18, to travel around for a bit!
Based myself in swinging London and travelling throughout Soviet Bloc and Europe as and when money was available.

Met Chris in London 1970, we married in Derby 1971.
We lived and worked in London until our daughter Marika was born in Aug 1974.
I Came back to Melbourne 1977 bringing Chris and Marika with me.

We were on our way to Canada but thought it best to detour via Australia as I had not seen my Father for nearly 10 years.
However, my father was involved in a serious accident two weeks after our coming back,
so we cancelled Canada and settled here. Our son Tarquin was born in 1978.

Chris joined Rotary 1991 (gosh! Is it nearly 30 years) and I have been his 2IC along the way.
I have been a member of Inner Wheel, Soroptimist International, Branch Secretary of Red Cross
and am now working with Chris in the businesses.

I nominate Elaine Taylor to tell us her story.

Happenings at the last meeting
The guest speaker was Janette Etherington from Interplast.  She gave a most interesting and informative presentation.
Interplast is a Rotary Australia funded project that is repairing bodies and rebuilding lives.  They assist in sending plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, and nurses to 17 counties in the Pacific and Asian countries.  They provide training support to local doctors to increase their knowledge and capability and now assist with remote health care.  Since 1983, they have performed in excess of 26,510 patient surgeries, with some patients requiring more than one operation.
As it is always said, a picture is worth a thousand words.  I have attached a few views from Janette’s presentation showing the transformational surgery they have done.  It is truly miraculous.
Gladi from Laos had a large tumor under her arm.  Photos before and after surgery
Maria from the Philippines had a cleft lip,  The photo on the right was taken 12 months after the operation. Lanvisa fell on fire when she was only 8 and has had multiple operations to free her burn contractures.
Rockson from the Solomon Islands was born with a cleft lip and palete
Presently, Interplast receives about 25% of their $3M budget from Rotary, a similar amount from the Government and the remained from their fundraising activities.  The doctors and  nurses provide their services for free.
With COVID-19, the task has become more challenging and international field assistance is on hold.  Janette provided her details for any Rotarian to contribute to their excellent work.  Email: or use the website:
Club Business
Secretary Bob said that there was an email from the Dromana Community House indicating that we could proceed with the painting and other tasks.  There was also another email from Carol Crew about a survey on Rotary’s “Health”. 
Treasurer Mark indicated that all is good, but we are low on funds.
Terry said that our applicant for the Rotary National Youth Science Forum has been accepted and he is now looking for funding from us.  There is some likelihood that the forum may not go ahead.  
Dromana Community Centre work cannot be undertaken under stage 4 COVID restrictions.  We will have to wait for stage 3 restrictions to see if it is possible.
David Buchanan is showing some improvement.  We hope it continues.  We wish him our very best wishes.
Marg Boothe is going along OK and Ray and Elaine Barnard Brown are smiling, so seem to be OK there too
President Risk recommended the District Governor’s fireside chats to all as being informative and lots of fun.
Greg mentioned that the Halloween has been cancelled this year.
On the lighter side ...