February is
Peace and Conflict
(World Understanding)
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Tyrrell McGeever
February 2
Christopher Booth
February 12
Geoffrey Taylor
February 26
Spouse Birthdays
Elaine Taylor
February 21
Michael Anderson
February 13
Join Date
Rick Hayllar
February 1, 1996
28 years
Harry Ziegerink
February 12, 1991
33 years
Rob Alexander
February 19, 2002
22 years
This Meeting's Responsibilities
Sofia, Joseph
Cashier 1
Viney, Tony
Cashier 2
Buchanan, Ann
Meeting Setup
Alexander, Rob
Alexander, Rob
Behind the Badge
Dart, Murray
Future Chair
Smith, Aggie
Future Chair 2
Taylor, Geoffrey
Future Chair 3
Trevellyan, Marion
Future Chair 4
Viney, Tony
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Last Meeting
Rob Alexander
Peter Anderson
Elaine Barnard-Brown 
Murray Dart
Ailsa Hemphill
Merv Prossor
Agnes Smith
Joseph Sofia
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Club Information
Welcome to our Club!
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Safety Beach Sailing Club
185 Marine Dr
0481 487 895
Each Wednesday
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Arrive 6:00 pm

Meeting Starts 6:30 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

President's Message
member photo
I'd like to, once again, welcome our newest Member, Darren, to the Club and look forward to his enthusiasm and participation in the Clubs work.
I won't be in attendance at this week's Meeting so Rob will be standing in for me.
Please keep in mind the Special General Meeting on 21st Feb.

Happenings at last week’s Meeting

After the Toast and Invocation, this week’s Meeting diverged from the normal.
It began with Harry talking about the sad sequence of events which led up to the loss of his son. He finished by thanking the Members who had given he and Trudy such support through this difficult time.
Next, President Mick stepped forward and set about the induction of a new Member to the Club. He outlined the scope of what the Club means to the local community as well as the international reach of what we do. He then asked Darren Zmegac to step forward and be welcomed as the newest Member of our Club.
Darren then thanked Mick and the Club for inviting him to join. He sees the Club as offering great opportunities to give help and support to the Community and he feels that he will be able to contribute towards that endeavour as well as providing his skills in the future running of the Club.
All Members then welcomed Darren to the Club.
Now the Meeting returned to our normal format with Charles as the Chair. He set about reading out the apologies and then he invited Greg to address the Meeting.
Greg had a number of topics to mention:
  • A thanks to all the Club Members who had contributed to his receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award. He feels it is more a recognition of what the Club has achieved;
  • The Shire response to the proposed improvements at Hillview Reserve has been drawn out, to say the least. He sees the Playground and Footpath plodding along but feels the Car Park is set for a possible postponement;
  • Wednesday 14th there will be a working bee to remove tree guards in the Gully; and
  • The Sea Scouts have approached him to see if the Club would help in forming a committee to oversee the running of their Club.
Charles now called for the Presidents Report.
Although he has been a bit distracted by the purchase of a new house (applause !!) Mick announced that the Board had decided to form a committee with the express aim of working on the Clubs membership drive.
Charles now called for the Secretary/Treasurers Report.
Mark announced:
  • A reminder that the meeting on the 21st will be deciding on only one question (see below);
  • The minutes of the Board meeting will be posted to Clubrunner;
  • The money from the Carols had been distributed and we are trying to get the recipients to visit/attend one of our Meetings; and
  • A Student from Dromana Secondary College had sent a thank you letter to the Club for our sponsorship. (not expected but much appreciated. Ed)
Charles called for Directors Reports.
Harry was happy to announce that the Club had contributed $2000 to Rotary Against Malaria and he is hoping to get a Guest Speaker from the organisation this year. A new SkyHydrant is being prepared for display at the Market and he hopes that Zoom Meetings can recommence with new equipment.
Now for Members Reports.
Tony informed the Meeting that a procedure is being developed on the deployment of the Spinners. (and the Template for our procedures is still being developed. Slack Ed.)
The Lotto was drawn, and this time won by Adrian. The Fines Session was forgone.
Mick thanked everyone for their contributions and the Meeting closed at 7:55 (Again?? Eery coincidence Ed.).
P.S. Happy Valentines Day. (Male Club Members advised to not forget.Ed)

Special General Meeting

Notice is given of a Special General Meeting to be held at the Safety Beach Sailing Club on Wednesday 21 February at 6.30pm.
The meeting is restricted to dealing with one item only & that is item 11 (b) of the Annual General Meeting of 22 November 2023 (attached). This motion, that was successfully carried was,
‘that this meeting directs the Club Board to keep the current weekly meeting format but gives the Club Board the flexibility to make alternate meetings a shorter format if required’.
It is expected that a motion will be moved as follows.
‘that this meeting directs the Club Board to keep the current weekly meeting format’.
If so moved debate will follow & amendments are permitted.
Following resolution of this issue the Special General Meeting will be closed & the meeting will revert to a normal dinner meeting format.
You will receive an email each week requesting that you confirm your attendance at the next meeting by return email of by phone call or text.

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