July is
New Leaders Month
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Adrian Davis
July 5
Michael Anderson
July 6
Andrew Duncan
July 8
Charles Ross
July 12
Rob Alexander
July 24
Spouse Birthdays
Margie Booth
July 2
Joy Long
July 7
Carole Ross
July 11
Joy Duncan
July 15
Tyrrell McGeever
Maggie McGeever
July 1
Join Date
Adrian Davis
July 1, 1995
27 years
Ann Buchanan
July 4, 2021
1 year
Colin Byatt
July 23, 2000
22 years
This Meeting's Responsibilities
Fitzgerald, Greg
Davis, Adrian
Hayllar, Rick
Meeting Setup
Sofia, Joseph
Hosking, Geoffrey
Smith, Michael
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Last Meeting
Pete Anderson
Bernard Dobson
Brenton Ellis
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Mark Long
Tyrell McGeever
Ian McIntosh
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Club Information
Welcome to our Club!
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Safety Beach Sailing Club
185 Marine Dr
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Venue Map

Arrive 6:00 pm

Meeting Starts 6:30 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

NORMALLY, if you cannot attend the meeting, then please send your apologies to

Michael Anderson only by email:, or phone on 0438 944 924, before the MIDDAY on the Tuesday preceding the meeting.

ALTERNATIVELY, Michael will send out an email requesting information on who is attending, to aid in catering.

Catering for meals is expensive, if you do not apologise your meal has been paid for and all your fellow members suffer the loss.

President's Message
member photo
Members, the board made the decision to raise the cost of our subs by $25 as we have held the rate unchanged since 2016. It was felt that a small increase would take some pressure off our Club Account. I hope this is acceptable to you all.
Thanks to Chris Booth and all the members who worked on the Christmas in July market. The weather God's didn't smile on us but those who turned up had a good time.  
What's a chestnut?? Can you eat them?!😩😀
I met a young woman on the hill above Hillview reserve. She was using our new seat. I explained to her that the Rotary Club of Dromana and the Habitat Restoration Fund were responsible for the bulk of the development on the Hillview Reserve. She thought that the Shire were the driving force, when I set her straight, she suggested we should put a Marquee up on a busy weekend and tell the public about the work done to date. This would be a good idea to promote Rotary and membership.     
Many thanks to Joseph Sofia and the Two Bays Brewing company for a terrific night out on Monday the 18th.We all enjoyed fine wine, beer and pizza.
Richard, from the Brewery, gave us a talk about his beers and the process. They produce a large range of gluten free beers and export far and wide from Dromana.
Joseph gave us a very in-depth wine appreciation course, so that we will be able to hold our own in any  wine loving company!! Most people people waxed lyrically about the qualities of the wines provided. The quality of the discussion and the volume changing after each bottle.
The night raise the fantastic amount of $6150 for the people of East Timor through the Friends of Los Palos.
A great result by Joseph and his committee.       
Happenings at last weeks’ meeting
With something approaching more normal attendance at this week’s meeting, President Greg was able to share the roles around.
Acting-Sergeant Merv called the meeting to order and called on Greg to propose the toast. Greg then handed the meeting over to Tony Viney as Chair.
As the meal was yet to be served, Tony made an executive decision and flipped the meeting sequence to call on Rod Troutbeck to deliver the GIG.
Rod ran through a number of the things that have been keeping him busy of late:
  • Attending Courts –
    • Queensland vs a tourist who said that a particular stretch of road, which had resulted in him killing a motorcyclist, was not built correctly;
    • Victoria vs the driver of a B-double which had rolled. It turned out to be cheaper to settle out of court;
    • Qld Work, Health and Safety vs a stunt driver who drove into the crowd;
  • Consulting on/for –
    • The effectiveness of a new barrier for Qld Work, Health and Safety;
    • Motorcyclist in the UK riding on tracks;
    • RACQ purchase of a track to be hired out;
    • Victorian Govt. review of barriers vs bull bars;
    • National guidelines on roadside signage, which will result in a webinar, and covers narrow roads and bridges.
Tony thanked Rod and expressed how we could all appreciate the difficulties he’s had in attending our club meetings.
After dinner Tony called on Secretary Michael for his report. Michael read out tonight’s apologies and referred everyone to the e-mail that has been distributed regarding the six Regionalisation Pilot Project Information sessions being conducted in July and August. As this effects Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands it is important that we understand what is being proposed.
Director Joseph was happy to announce that the Beer & Wine Night had been quite a success and raised over $6,000. The future for other similar events looks good.
Chris gave an update on the upcoming Market. We have at least 40 stalls but he needed more volunteers. Members put up their hands to fill the spots Chris had. Chestnuts, Marshmallows, sausages and Santa and his Helpers are all organised for the day.
On the subject of the Market, Charles spoke on behalf of himself and Rob regarding the distribution of publicity leaflets to shops in the area. It was a successful effort with 24 shops approached and only 2 refusals. The next step is to review the results. The spinners had Market-specific posters so it will be interesting to see if their content differs from the norm.
Mike Smith spoke about the success of the social media Market promotions. Responses have been steadily increasing across all our media outlets.
Tony now called on Merv to conduct Lotto (won by Ailsa) and fines. The fines session was calm until Merv made a technical “foul” over the naming of the GIG. This meant that Tony was fined, erroneously (but the club bye-laws don’t allow for an “un-fining”) and Merv was fined for “jumping the gun”.
As the next part of the meeting was general issues, Greg now called for a discussion on what the new GIG was to be called? No options were offered so your Ed went into a, frankly, very silly explanation and justification for having imbedded TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms). The meeting was so bored by his waffle that they agreed to call the new GIG the TMG, meaning the Three Minute Gig.
Now Greg moved on to a more important matter which was the next Halloween night. He called for volunteers for a committee, which he received, and then spoke about the next steps which involve application to the Shire and the search for sponsorship.
Lastly, Chris announced that he had been approached with the idea of the club being involved in the staging of a Debutants Ball. There was no dissenting opinion from the meeting so he will present the subject for preliminary discussion by the Board.
An interesting meeting finished at 8:00.
Renaming of the GIG.
As announced in the Happenings section, the old GIG is now the TMG, meaning the Three Minute GIG. The emphasis now being on the “Three Minute” part of the title. Members are not expected to wax lyrical about any subject that they choose. Short-ish and Sweet.
Working with Children.
Don’t forget to keep your certification up to date.
The View From Hillview.
As Greg has said, the relocation of the bench was much appreciated.
The Fees.
Invoices are on their way. Hooray?

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