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Guests:D.G Mark Humphries
and Linda Humphries
ADG Peter Rawlings,
Lynne Stockdale
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Turner, Andrew
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We will be back when we are allowed. We currently meet online with Zoom invitations. So just don't turn up to the above location at the moment because there will be no-one there!!
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In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our local and Overseas Projects.

Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.(we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Local Dromana Community Centre always always looking for help

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President's Message
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Last Meeting
In my opinion Our guest Speaker, Peter Aldenhove from Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association was one of the best we have had all year. He certainly kept us enthralled and from the comments and questions you all share his passion.
Next Meeting
Hi all we don't have a guest speaker this week so we will have an interesting free for all discussions and Q& A session.
District AGM
I had to travel all the way to my study to attend the District AGM last Sunday.So you will be pleased to know that I voted on favour of the motions in all cases. Nothing contentious - some small, changes to Bylaws to make us conform to State laws The main thing that I came out of the meeting and that is of most interest to us is that the District is in a VERY Healthy Financial Position
This was preceded be a Cluster meeting hosted by ADE Peter Rawlins so that we could get some updates from other Cluster clubs and included a brief report re the Bay Trail project. No real process but it seems that we have a very enthusiast Shire for this project that will continued for more than one Rotary year.
Our representative Greg Fitzgerald will no doubt update us at this meeting
Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds (RORP)
Some clubs have been quite active harvesting old Playground equipment and delivering it to the DIK warehouse for shipment

Currently we look like conducting the AGM as a Zoom meeting as we have seen no changes from the Shire. But I have asked Tyrrell to look into the possibility of holding it at the Atrium. More later
Christmas party update.
We can certainly hold a Christmas dinner. But if we are to have it at the Safety Beach Sailing Club it will have to be Wednesday the 16th of December, as Thursdays are no longer available at that club.
I spoke to P.P. Peter earlier and we agreed that we should hold the Christmas party for members and partners at the Club. This would give Peter, finally, the opportunity to present the Paul Harris and other awards on that night.
I tentatively have booked the event for an estimated 60 people. Due to the spacing restrictions we will have to finalise our numbers as soon as possible and we may have to be spread into two rooms.
I am waiting for the caterers to contact re menus and prices.
I have invited Val Jarman to present the David Jarman Community Perpetual Trophy.
Market revival
We look like restarting the Market on the 23rd of January. So get ready to help out on our major revenue earner.
Are few of us got together to update our Market Communications
We sent an email out to all you potential stall holds – see below to let them know what happening.
Club Archives
We need a few volunteers to scan and produce PDF files that can be uploaded to your ClubRunner website. Then we are not dependent on the good will of members such as Merv Prossor to keep the filing cabinets full of silverfish eaten documents.
I have not had any volunteers to date but I will keep trying.
Happenings at the last meeting
Our guest speaker this week was Peter Aldenhoven representing the Willum Warrain Organisation in Hastings. Peter spoke, at length, on a number of subjects: The history of NAIDOC; His background; and an introduction to the Willum Warrain gathering place in Hastings.
Peter displayed a copy of this years’ NAIDOC poster and explained the significance of the lines around Australia (the Dreaming) and the Rainbow Serpent which is totemic to most Aboriginal “Mobs” around the continent. He then went on to summarise the NAIDOC history which begins in the 1920’s and was initiated to protest Australia Day and the lack of status for Aboriginal peoples. In 1938 a March of Mourning was started and this has evolved over the years into what has become a week of celebration of Aboriginal culture.
Peter told us a bit about his own history. He is a Nughi man from Morten Island off the coast of Brisbane. He explained some of the cultural significant aspects of being in someone else’s country as the Mornington Peninsular is Boon Wurrung and Bunurong country. Next, he spoke of the history of the islands where he was born and the establishment of Native Title over both islands. (In Victoria this has only been achieved by three groups.) Peter was brought to Melbourne and adopted into a white family. They loved him and brought him up and he was able to reconnect with his birth mother before she passed. He became a teacher and spent the later part of his career in indigenous education.
Next, Peter spoke about Willum Warrain. They have cultural activities during the week for aboriginal members and kin then on Fridays there is a “drop in” day which is open to the wider Peninsular community. In addition, they conduct special celebrations throughout the year including, in the last two years, a Mornington Peninsular Reconciliation Walk in which up to one thousand participated in 2019.
Peter introduced some of the local totems (Wah the crow and Bungel the eagle) and translated for us – Willum Warrain means Home by the Sea. He spoke at length about the Aboriginal totems and faiths, and the history of aboriginal social disadvantage, including the fact that the epicentre of the Stolen Generation was in Victoria, not in the more “outback” states like WA and Queensland.  Willum Warrain works towards gathering aboriginal peoples to give hope and healing and also connecting with the wider community to aid in reconciliation.
Peter’s talk concluded with another half an hour of questions, and many thanks from the members, which meant that the normal follow-on steps on the agenda were abbreviated with Rick mentioning the possibility of a Christmas dinner at the Safety Beach Yacht Club and Robert talking about the chance for creative money making.


At last week's Rotary meeting a local aboriginal man was the guest speaker. His name is Peter Aldenhoven. A very significant choice for NAIDOC week. He is a retired teacher and his people are from a Queensland island.

We all wish we lived in a fair and equal country but although Peter is waiting we are very slow to bridge the gap. The NSW Premier wants one word in the National Anthem changed. We waited to hear the Urulu Statement but Malcolm Turnbull just dismissed it. There are many books we can read for our enlightenment on history as seen by others. Lately our TV screens seem to be flooded with Our First Nations People, lets hope we can hod our heads up high soon on their place. Proudly alongside ours. Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe and a children's picture book by him as well and Australia Day by Stan Grant are two of many that are a very interesting read.