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Old Shire Office.
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25th August


Good evening Members and Friends.


Tonight's meeting was opened by Sargent Murray.

Then handed over to Chairman Chris who introduced Pre Ross,


Pres Ross welcomed members, and as there was very few attending ditched the anthem, and went on to invocation and toast to Australia..


Members sat down tonight to Fish and Chips for main and worm (haha) apple pie and arse cream, tea and coffee.


Sec Bob, for a change did the joke first, lucky there were no ladies present in the room, patty was in the kitchen out of ear shot, well we think,she did come out with the remark saying lucky Elaine wasn’t here then mentioned the District  9820 conference in Hobart rest point casino between the 24th and 26th March, Bob also had a call from Ailsa Hemphill, she is still not well and is needing members to help with transport to her medical appointments, all members volunteered to help when she needed it.


David and myself and others are getting the scooter tyres worked out, they are costing $190.00 each from Hastings and should be ready next week, but the man did say when we were there that it might need a wheel alignment as they are scrubbing out and they shouldn't, 

The owner of the scooter is an ex Rotarian, and as we don’t usually help individuals, but as l can testify with someone l mentioned needed help, we do in certain circumstances,  great job, this was bought to Tyrrell's attention and asked for assistance by our club.


Treasurer Rick, mentioned our Dues, about half a dozen members still haven’t paid, we are using money from other accounts in the mean time to cover these people, and money needs to be put back ASAP, so those who haven’t please do so, thank you.


David  and Bob also mentioned the new Gateway sign that Simon Brooks is involved in, the 4 concrete pads have been put in place, and to put the signs up we are getting Red Hill Lions club to help by doing traffic management, as they have this for there parking on market day, great again to see other clubs all getting involved together to assist were they can, the gateway sign will be lit up all night by solar panels connected to batteries.


David bought in a couple of examples of the art show screens we are in the process of making, this should save the club a lot of money in the coming years, as we can use them and hire them out as well, we will cut them at Greg’s factory and assemble them at Andrew Duncan’s , this is the plan , not sure if everyone one has been notified of their help as yet, if these locations are unavailable Merv said we could use his new caravan as its big enough to build everything in it.


The fine session was conducted by Murray, and as usual you really don’t need an excuse to fine anyone, as long as you have a pulse he will get you for something.


Lotto was won by Merv, and lost by Merv well you pay for winning, should be called Taxlotto, you winith and thy taketh away.


The Gig was done by David Jarman, he talked about his last trip (and he has a few ) was overseas to Germany and  on a river cruise, he went to Budapest and the Danube,  and explained about the locks, there are are 62 of them and some are big enough to hold 2 boats at a time, and when they have to raise or lower 50 feet each time could take some time, and as there are boats coming and going all the time it was a very busy process, the part David and his wife enjoyed the most was not having to Pack or unpack for 2 weeks.


Dates to remember District Gov Lynne Westland on the 15th Sept

Directors please have your reports ready.

Hastings Rotary club on Monday 12th September, discussion of insurance


Well, part one of Mary's cancer council Italian fiesta fund raiser went off  well on Sunday.  Everyone had a fantastic time, plenty of food, music with Italian pictures on the big screen, the event raised a total of $1,902.00.

Mary and myself  were pleasantly surprised when Bob Donaldson announced Rotary would cover the costs for the luncheon to go towards the Cancer Council funds. Huge Thank You from Mary and myself to everyone for making it a fantastic experience.


We still have online auctions happening and everything is going extremely well, Roger and Ginny's Tassie weeks accommodation is raising good funds so far, we also have a biggest morning tea happening in our salon, Mirage Hair Dromana, shop 3 Pier street. On the Wednesday the 14th September,there are 2 sessions, one at 10 o'clock and the other is 11 o'clock, cost is a $10.00 donation and you receive coffee, or tea, and a selection of sandwiches and cakes and raffle prizes, this is a great social event for people to mingle and start new friendships.


Lynn’s travels.

One more sleep and I slowly wend my way home. Boo! Too! I love dear old Dromana  but to be a carefree grey nomad for a few months is a joy in this wonderful country. This time I have stayed put in Bowen for six weeks where previously I've stayed around two weeks. It's a pretty depressed town as are many in the area, but the coastline is beautiful. From this caravan park we watch huge yachts, tugs, fishing boats go by. Best of all are the bird life and marine life. Turtles swim by near shore sticking their heads up for breath every now and then and Dolphins, manta rays and even sharks go swimming passed. All this happens whilst I sit in the sun on grass under a palm tree stitching, painting or crocheting!!! 
The pugs love it because they are close to me 24/7 and spend a lot of time sleeping when it's hot. The  park community are very friendly and I have made about 50 new friends from all over Australia. We had Christmas in July under the palms with a real Santa with Fritz the dog as a reindeer! Barbecues and dinners and lunches at the varying pubs, cafes and couple of restaurants keep the economy of Bowen going during this season each year! 
I begin the long hall tomorrow and with a few stops along the way will be home in a couple of weeks to face a beautiful southern Spring! Xx 



My Joke this week.

A lady picked up several items at a discount store, when she finally got to the checkout, she learned that one of her items didn't have a price tag, imagine her embarrassment when the checker got on the intercom and boomed out for all to hear " price check on lane thirteen, tampax, super size." 

That was bad enough, but somebody at the rear of the store apparently misunderstood the word " Tampax" for " Thumb Tax. " in a business-like tone, a voice came back booming over the intercom: "Do you want the kind you push in with your thumb or the ones you pound in with a hammer "?.




In attendance. 

Bob Donaldson, Peter Anderson, Rick Hayllar, Rod Troutbeck, Chris Booth and Ross Witehead.


Previous minutes were passed and seconded.

Matters arising,  we are still in the process of sorting out the insurance issue wich is afecting our club, in regards to Australia day, Halloween and other Rotary projects, or projects Rotary is involved in.

All other details can be seen on our clubrunner website, please take the time to have a look.





Meetings held weekly at Old Shire Offices, Point Nepean Road, Dromana.

Arrive 6:00 pm        Meeting Starts 6:30 pm    Ends 8:00 pm
If you cannot attend the meeting,
then please send your apologies to Elaine Barnard-Brown - - before the Tuesday preceding the meeting.
Catering for meals is expensive if you do not turn up and your meal has be paid for.