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Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month
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February 2
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February 12
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February 26
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February 21
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February 13
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February 27
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February 1, 1996
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February 11, 2016
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February 12, 1991
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Guest Speaker Nannette Vassell
Oohlala - from Japan Ailsa's(Woofer)
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Anderson, Pete
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Buchanan, David
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O'Day, Terry
Ziegerink, Harry
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O'Day, Terry
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Welcome to our Club!
We meet Thursdays at 6:15 PM
Old Shire Office.
Point Nepean Rd
Dromana, VIC  3936
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Pete's Chat
Pete Anderson
member photo
Hi Everyone, thank you to everyone who helped out while l was absent with father and then grand father duties, Mary and Myself are happy to announce the arrival of a 5 pound baby girl, her name is Mila Rose, After a period in the care nursery Mila was allowed to leave a week after her birth.
Thank you to Merv for stepping in as Vice President for me, much appreciated and thank you to all those helping in the hall set up.
There is a meeting on Monday night for those assisting in the Fundraiser dinner for Mirage Hair and the Dromana Rotary club, Mary has sent out emails to those interested.
There is also a board meeting at Rick and Carols house on Tuesday Night at 7.30 PM, you no his Address, Bob has sent it out.
Thank you to Harry Ziegerink and Trudy for organizing the DIK visit on Saturday, l was working but heard it was a great day with Trudy supplying all the food.

Last weeks Meeting

Our Guest Speaker for evening was Nanette Vassel from Breast Cancer Comfort Cushions



Breast Cancer Comfort Cushions is the brainchild of Paula Summerfield.


In 1997, Paula and two friends travelled to Ballarat for a mammogram and unfortunately one of the trio was diagnosed with breast cancer. Paula decided then she wanted to do something to help breast cancer sufferers but she did not know what. It wasn't until Paula herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, that the inspiration came to her.


Paula was given a satin cushion at Warragul hospital after her operation and she at last realized what she could do. Using her many sewing and craft skills, she decided she could make these cushions for women undergoing the same operation.

So in October, 2002, Breast Cancer Comfort Cushions was born and Paula began sewing with a purpose. She was joined by a wonderful team of volunteer women and one man to do all the work required to produce the "Gift of Comfort".


The "Gift of Comfort" is now distributed by the Breast Care nurses working at 10 hospitals. These hospitals are in Gippsland, Mornington, and in and around Melbourne.

The comfort cushion facilitates rest and sleep by cushioning and supporting the wound site in bed, aiding physical recovery.During recuperation it is worn under a jacket protecting the wound site from the car seat belt and other impact.The drainage bag holds the drainage bottles that many patients are left with after surgery and is carried over the forearm or shoulder.

A handy carry bag

A little gift bag filled with lavender that speaks of healing

From late 2002 until 2019, BCCC groups have made and given away approximately 12,500 "Gifts of Comfort" and demand is increasing every year.


BCCC could not operate without community help. As our "Gifts of Comfort" are given as a free gift, we have constant need of financial support to meet our annual costs of approximately $15,000. This cost is unfortunately increasing with demand. We receive financial support from many service clubs, churches, op shops and women's groups as well as donations from the recipients of the "Gift of Comfort".


As most long term members would know, we as a club have committed to supporting this dedicated team for a few years now at a cost of no more than $100 per month. From the enthusiasm shown last meeting it looks like the members want it to continue.

The Raffle

Chris had great pleasure in presenting  the winner of our raffle first prize you can observe his pleasure by the smile on his face.

Directors Reports

Tony Viney
Community service Fund Raising and PR

Tony is rightly concerned at the workload that has been generated by the Community Market Project. Some members are doing more than their fair share to keep what is one of our most successful ventures yet. Income generated so far this year exceeds $16000

The market may only run every fourth Saturday of the month but hours of behind the scenes work goes on, almost every day something has to be attended to.

Such as keeping in touch with stall holders making sure they are happy and they are paying their bills

Organising social media and other forms of PR

In particular we need other members to help in these matters.


Also more of you need to know how the above is done and maybe find better ways.

So please get involved. Before some members burn themselves out.


Harry Ziegerink
International Service

We are scheduled to visit the DIK warehouse on the 15th IE next Saturday. So for all that are going please assemble outside the Club Rooms at 8.30 AM.

Merv Prosser
New Generations

Our recently returned Exchange Student, Oliver Ellis, ( I won't put here how his father addressed him), will give his presentation this coming meeting. A great opportunity for our partners to come.

Meetings held weekly at Old Shire Offices, Point Nepean Road, Dromana.

Arrive 6:00 pm        Meeting Starts 6:30 pm    Ends 8:00 pm
If you cannot attend the meeting,
then please send your apologies to Elaine Barnard-Brown - - before the Tuesday preceding the meeting.
Catering for meals is expensive if you do not turn up and your meal has be paid for.