Installation BBQ Shelter Tyabb
Tyabb Reserve cnr Tyabb Mornington rd and Frankston Flinders rd
Mar 26, 2016
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
 8am start at Andrew Duncans place any problems ring Geoff Taylor. 
Rosebud Cinema 7pm All welcome. 
President Tyrrell’s Tales
Last Thursday’s meeting was an interesting and rewarding experience on two fronts.  Firstly we inducted and welcomed our newest Club Member, Rotarian Roger McMillan. Welcome Roger, we trust you will have a long and interesting membership of our club!
Secondly we had a very professional and enlightening presentation by our guest speaker.  What an interesting career this young man has made for himself and all those who work and come in contact with him. This is the kind of community service we Rotarians can only dream of achieving. His impact on those persons who have lost limbs in developing nations is incredible.  A prosthesis limb provided for as little as $50 -$100 dollars.  Imagine the joy and gratitude of a person receiving such a gift which enables that person to live a better and rewarding life.
This week we are entertaining three separate; the Men’s Shed which will receive our contribution to their new relocated home, the Salvation Army to which we will be making the presentation from funds raised and the suppliers of the defibulator which will be presented to the Men’s Shed group.
On Saturday evening we will be hosted by Mary and Peter at their residence for a social evening.  Please bring drinks of your choice and glasses.  Thank you Mary and Peter.
I may be a little late on Thursday as I have to attend a training course in the city on Thursday which does not end until approximately 4.30 pm.
See you Thursday evening.
President Tyrrell
As most will be aware Ric and Ross will be overseas until the 15th.March representing Rotary with their skiing prowess in St Moritz (tough). This is the International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians. The following week a number of Dromana Rotarians will be attending the Annual District Conference in Bendigo.
Hillview Community Reserve Working Bee 
Another very successful day on saturday. We had Murray,Merv,Bob,Ross,John and me and were able to complete the installation of a Style in the fence on the south east corner and install a bridge over the culvert drain leading into the new section of the reserve. This adds another four hectares for the use of the public. A special thanks to Murray for building the Style and Jenny Dart for the wonderfull choc muffins for smoko.   
President Tyrrell’s Tales
There were a fair few apologies last week, during the meeting we had a discussion on the poor attendance at Club Nights.  It has been the tradition on Club Nights to break down into Committee groups and discuss matters pertaining to future committee functions/projects.  With so many not attending it would suggest (a) members are not very interested in contributing to committee planning/discussion, or (b) members see it as a good night to not attend.  Committee members have an obligation not to simply leave it all up to Chairs of Committee and to contribute/suggest how the club can improve through participation.
The alternative to Club Nights is to have Committee Chairs arrange for committee meetings on nights other than dinner meeting nights.  This would require additional meeting nights which was deemed not preferable by most members attending last week. So what are we to do? Please have a think about the problem and come prepared to discuss it at a meeting in the future.
This Thursday evening the guest speaker is Maggie McGeever whose topic is “Look Good Feel Better”, a programme in which Maggie has been participating since 1999.  The programme is one of support for women who have suffered breast cancer and need a lift to help them deal with how they feel and how they battle some of the debilitating effects of treatment.  Please make it a partners’ night as some of the partners may be interested in the programme.
See you Thursday evening
President Tyrrell
Things have happened over the past week or two
So here is an attempt to catch up
Firstly our guest speaker, Deanne Holmes, a teacher at Red Hill School spoke most passionately about her trip to Uganda to work as a volunteer in a school in the town of Kasso. Our club plus the Red Hill Lions were responsible for funding the trip. She has able to establish a library for the children and while there made great friends and established ongoing pen friends for her Red Hill Students.
She showed a video of her trip and of here achievements. The video is available for viewing on the Club's computer.
The Trailer for our Annual Raffle  has arrived here is David with some of the contents. Anyone with contacts who are willing to help fill the trailer should let David know.
Welcome our new Member (Professor) Rod Troutbeck.
Rod is a Civil Engineer and very involved in the science (engineering) of Road Safety. He we see Rod being inducted by PP Merv.
And just in case you forgot there was the Dromana Art Show on the Melbourne Cup Weekend. Just how financially successful it was is still to be determined as not all funds have come in and not all expenses have been paid so we will let you know!!!!
The show was well organised and volunteers from the school community and of course our own members made sure it was well run
And of course the was the small matter of the Halloween Night on the 31st of October that was again very well attended. Congratulations to Greg, Chris and their  hard working team for the successful event.
For more pictures of the event click HERE
I don't see much evidence of members accessing and updating their profile on ClubRunner.  Just watch out! Fines might be imposed for those unwilling to take up the challenge!!!!!!
It is important that all members do get themselves into the 21st century before it becomes the 22nd Century, as this has become our prime way of communicating. It is important that you all take part in this as it will greatly relieve pressure on others - currently me alone!
Your current editor.
Rick H
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Meetings held weekly at Old Shire Offices, Point Nepean Road, Dromana.

Arrive 6:00 pm        Meeting Starts 6:30 pm    Ends 8:00 pm
If you cannot attend the meeting,
then please send your apologies to Elaine Barnard-Brown - - before the Tuesday preceding the meeting.
Catering for meals is expensive if you do not turn up and your meal has been paid for.