February is
Peace and Conflict
(World Understanding)
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Tyrrell McGeever
February 2
Christopher Booth
February 12
Geoffrey Taylor
February 26
Spouse Birthdays
Elaine Taylor
February 21
Michael Anderson
February 13
Join Date
Rick Hayllar
February 1, 1996
28 years
Harry Ziegerink
February 12, 1991
33 years
Rob Alexander
February 19, 2002
22 years
This Meeting's Responsibilities
Ross, Charles
Cashier 1
Viney, Tony
Cashier 2
Buchanan, Ann
Meeting Setup
Alexander, Rob
Alexander, Rob
Behind the Badge
Dart, Murray
Future Chair
Smith, Aggie
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Sofia, Joseph
Future Chair 3
Taylor, Geoffrey
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Trevellyan, Marion
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Michael Anderson
Ailsa Hemphill
Agnes Smith
Geoff Taylor
Marion Trevellyan
Harry Ziegerink
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Welcome to our Club!
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Safety Beach Sailing Club
185 Marine Dr
0481 487 895
Each Wednesday
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Meeting Starts 6:30 pm

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President's Message
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Last week's Guest Speaker gave a lot of us something to think about when it comes to some sort of record of our lives.
Please keep in mind the Special General Meeting on 21st Feb. A strong Club can discuss and embrace change where change is beneficial.

Happenings at last week’s Meeting

This week Merv was in the Chair. We had the Toast and Invocation then the Apologies were read out. President Mick welcomed our guest Darren Zmegac and then introduced our Guest Speaker for the night, Sjaak Kusters, whose topic was the creation of life history books. (Unfortunately, I was without a usable phone so there aren’t many pictures of the talk. Ed)
Sjaak has already written two books and saw the need for lives to be captured in his capacity as a funeral celebrant. He has come across many occasions where peoples’ lives are a mystery, especially the early lives, and providing a meaningful obituary becomes very difficult and subject to invention.
Lives should be celebrated, and he has found that people want a record so that their histories are captured and passed on. In many cases the children will fund the creation of a book ($1,000 - $1,500). The creation of the book starts with an interview and recording of the conversation. A draft is prepared for editing and the whole process will take about one month. Sjaak can be contacted at
Merv thanked Sjaak for his presentation. The Chair now called on Secretary/Treasurer Mark for his reports.
Mark informed the Meeting:
  • The next Board Meeting will be on the 6th at Laneway at 1:00;
  • Darrens induction will be on the 7th;
  • Reminded the Meeting of the Special Meeting on the 21st where everyone is expected to have a final discussion and vote;
  • The Two Bays Fun Run brought the Club a profit of $634;
  • The Club banners were still missing (until someone owned up! Ed);
  • The Market currently has a profit of $3,434; and
  • Meal costs look like they will be increasing and meal attendance must be communicated to Tony.
Next, was the Presidents Report with Mick thanking all those Members who helped out at the Two Bays Fun Run, the Market, the Australia Day stand and the Bunnings BBQ. It shows a strong commitment within the Club that we could take on that many functions in such a short time.
Directors Reports were next.
Rob announced that there is a Spinners deployed for a trial run at the Bentons Square Woolworths. This may lead to further expansions. He also pointed out that Elaines’ project for recycling foils is increasing the Clubs community involvement and activity.
Now we had any Members Reports.
Bob thanked all those who participated on Australia Day and voted a special thanks to the Men’s Shed whose participation is essential.
Chris let the Meeting know that Trudy and Harry are doing well.
(At this point in the Meeting the microphone developed a mind of it’s own and meant all announcements were a combination of shouting or whispering. Ed)
The Lotto was drawn (and drawn and drawn because of unsold tokens. Ed) and won by John. The Fines Session was conducted by Murray (but I think he’s still a bit off making a record money haul. Ed).
Joseph announced the creation of a committee to tackle Sponsorship. It will look into sponsorship levels, benefits and marketing. (another example of how important it is to track and formalise all the ad-hoc committees being created. Just my plug. Ed)
Mick thanked everyone for their contributions and the Meeting closed at 7:55.

Congratulations to Greg Fitzgerald

On Australia Day, Greg received a Lifetimes Achievement Award from the Shire.

Special General Meeting

Notice is given of a Special General Meeting to be held at the Safety Beach Sailing Club on Wednesday 21 February at 6.30pm.
The meeting is restricted to dealing with one item only & that is item 11 (b) of the Annual General Meeting of 22 November 2023 (attached). This motion, that was successfully carried was,
‘that this meeting directs the Club Board to keep the current weekly meeting format but gives the Club Board the flexibility to make alternate meetings a shorter format if required’.
It is expected that a motion will be moved as follows.
‘that this meeting directs the Club Board to keep the current weekly meeting format’.
If so moved debate will follow & amendments are permitted.
Following resolution of this issue the Special General Meeting will be closed & the meeting will revert to a normal dinner meeting format.

A bit of Editorialising

You will receive an email each week requesting that you confirm your attendance at the next meeting by return email of by phone call or text.

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