Meeting at The New Atrium 
10 Country Club Drive
Safety Beach
Meeting Starts 6.00pm  for 6.30pm 
Ends 8:00 pm
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Bob Donaldson
January 14
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January 17
Bernard Dobson
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January 16
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Ross Whitehead
January 1, 1988
33 years
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January 2, 2003
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Last Meeting
Guests:Ann Buchanan,
Joy Long, Trudy Ziegerink, Maggie McGeever
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Club Information
Welcome to our Club!
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
If you have not pre-booked your meal, by phoning 5981 8123, please arrive by 06.00 PM and order your meal to ensure that it is served on time.
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Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our local and Overseas Projects.

Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.(we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Local Dromana Community Centre always always looking for help

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President's Message
member photo
Hi all
I hope you all enjoyed last week’s meeting.
It was great to see as few partners there and also Ann Buchanan.
So please remember partners are always welcome to meetings as are your guests
The feedback I have had was overwhelmingly positive.
You will notice that I have changed the venue on the bulletin and our Website accordingly.
There are certainly many advantages for us to hold our meetings there.
As outlined below
Club Costs
The Shire has been charging us $30 per meeting for the hire of the hall
The Atrium is no charge
We paid Patty $ 75 for waitress duties.
We pay Insurance for Patty of $1000 approx per year.
Member benefits
The Old Shire Office rooms was only available 5.30 p.m until 8.30 p.m
We can stay as long as we like at the atrium and sit for a coffee and dessert if you wish or another drink at the bar.
It could be an ideal venue for our board meetings!
The Atrium offers better quality food and a menu choice.
They provide a PA system and Large screen for presentations and WiFi.
No setup and clear up
As you should know some members have been regularly a turning up at least an hour before the meeting commences to set up the tables and chairs and lay the tables.
During the meeting we are also involved in dishing up the meals serving the meals and collecting the dirty plates etc after the meals and assisting in the kitchen clean up.
Bar service
We have at least two members involved in bar service. On the night and other members are involved in purchasing and collecting the drinks and storing them.
Club Paraphernalia.
The Atrium has offered to store our meeting hardware.
Club Store Room.
Having visited the store recently I can state that it I complete mess.
drinks including wine. Maybe we could offer the wine as prizes for the Lotto;
and fridge full of drinks.
And catering equipment that won’t be needed if we were to move permanently. I will be recommending that we have a big working bee clean up there and transfer anything of use to our Church shed Store.
Our Next Meeting Face to Face
Again Harry and I have arranged for us to meet next Thursday at “The New Atrium” 10 COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE SAFETY BEACH.
And as usual please ring or email your apology through to Elaine
As before, to ensure that you will have a great choice of food, and that you will be served on time we recommend that you ring up Nikki or Ted on 5981 8123 or 0425 826 364 before next Thursday and place your order. And of course tell them you are from Rotary.
Failing that make sure you arrive as close to 6.00 PM as possible and place your order asap.
This will ensure that the meals are served quickly – quicker that we are used to and with no effort on our part!
You will pay for your meal direct to the Atrium. And of course order and pay for your drinks if required
I have enclosed the menu for your perusal.
You will notice some Gluten Free (GF) versions are available.
This will be a Club night so feel free to contribute to the discussion. We will conduct the normal Lotto, fines (there must be plenty of those outstanding after 10 months), and the Foundation box will be circulating.
 Hope to see you all together again
Happenings at the last meeting
Well our face to face meetings have started!  We are now meeting at The New Atrium restaurant at Safety Beach.
Secretary Bob indicated that he had received the annual report for Australian Rotary Health. 
There has been an email from the Rotary International General Secretary giving details on how members can participate in the census.
Bob presented an interesting saying:
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift
That is why we call it the present.
So true Bob!
Tony spoke about the enormous amount of work that needs to be done for the market this week.  Volunteers welcomes!  This is the first time that the market has been held since the lockdown started and it will be good to have it started again. Some store holders thought we should wait, but we have put a number of Covid-safe practices in place.
We need a coffee vendor, if you know of somebody.
Merv is going to operate the club BBQ.
Store holders are to supply hand sanitiser for themselves and shoppers.
Tony will be sending out a roster for the BBQ.  Watch out for it!
Many thanks to Rob Alexander who donated a trailer which is going to be refurbished through a working bee.  Hillview Quarries are supporting the cost of refurbishment. 
Treasure Mark said money was tight.  He was forceful in his request that everyone should support the market to raise much needed funds.
Harry spoke about him receiving a Paul Harris award.  He was pleased to see funding support the communities worldwide.
Back with a bang soon!!!!
On the lighter side ...