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Water and Sanitation
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Member Birthdays
Joseph Sofia
March 2
Harry Ziegerink
March 11
Merv Prossor
March 20
Colin Byatt
March 31
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March 8
Andrew Duncan
Joy Duncan
March 1
Rick Hayllar
Carol Hayllar
March 30
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Geoffrey Taylor
March 1, 1985
39 years
Tony Viney
March 2, 2017
7 years
Bob Donaldson
March 31, 2011
13 years
This Meeting's Responsibilities
Smith, Aggie
Cashier 1
Viney, Tony
Cashier 2
Buchanan, Ann
Meeting Setup
Alexander, Rob
Barnard-Brown, Elaine
Behind the Badge
Buchanan, Ann
Future Chair
Viney, Tony
Future Chair 2
Whitehead, Ross
Future Chair 3
Ziegerink, Harry
Future Chair 4
Zmegac, Darren
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John Barnes
Murray Dart
Greg Fitzgerald
Lyn Lewis
Joseph Sofia
Geoff Taylor
Tony Viney
Darren Zmegac
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Welcome to our Club!
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Safety Beach Sailing Club
185 Marine Dr
0481 487 895
Each Wednesday
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President's Message
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Once again, I'd like to thank the Bendigo Bank for the defibrillator. Hopefully it will not be needed too often.
This week we won't have a Guest Speaker, but Chris will be giving a talk on Membership. I'm sure we will all find it informative.
Thanks to the Board Members for attending Tuesday's Meeting.

Happenings at last week’s Meeting

This weeks Meeting was on a hot February night (apologies to Neil Diamond. Ed) and was Chaired by Marion. The start of the Meeting was heralded with the “Ceremonial Closing of the Cashbox” (i.e. slamming) by Bob. The President then proposed the Toast and the Acting Seargent gave a rather long-winded Invocation before we could sit down.
Bob gave a very brief update on John Barnes, in that he is back in hospital for tests. The Meeting wished him well and a speedy return.
Adrian was invited to speak and introduced our Special Guest, Renae Dunstons, from our local Bendigo Bank. Adrian reminded the Meeting that the Rosebud Uniting Church had been canvassing support for the purchase of a defibrillator. He was happy to announce that, with the support of Renae and the Bank, a defibrillator has been purchased.
The Chair now called for the President Report.
Mick thanked all the Members for taking the time to attend last week's Meeting and vote on the proposal. In addition, he reminded all the Board members about next week's Board Meeting. He then went on to say that, as a legacy of his time as President he would like to institute a firm commitment of the Club to supporting Rotary Against Malaria and would bring this to the Board.
Chris now gave a Market Report:
  • Even though we were low on Volunteers, thanks to all who came;
  • It was a “strange” Market with ebbs and flows/ups and downs;
  • This did give a chance to talk with stall holders and look into the idea of rearranging and “tweeking” some things; and
  • The Band is becoming a little bit “unreliable” because of their successes but we still have buskers.
Charles also took the opportunity to thank all the Fruit and Veg’ volunteers and announce that the stall had made a profit.
The Chair now called for the Secretary/Treasurers Report.
Mark announced:
  • There are still no official nominations for the 25/26 President;
  • There is a R$egional Group Meeting on 2nd March at 4:00;
  • The new District Governor is Emma Clark:
  • Probus has asked the Club to sponsor a new Probus Club in Rosebud and it was felt that this was more appropriate for the Rosebud/Rye Club; and
  • A new Debit Card Account has been opened at the Bendigo Bank.
Marion now called for any Members to address the Meeting.
Charles spoke briefly about the Centurions Club and how it gave all Rotary Members the opportunity to donate small amounts on a regular basis without being committed to an open-ended arrangement. He commended the Centurians to the Members.
The Lotto was drawn and won by Pete who then commenced the Fines session. (A little bit of Argy Bargy in this session which made Murry’s sessions seem quite sedate. Ed).
Once again there was no Person Behind the Badge session, but President Mick spent a moment reflecting on Ageing and enjoying life while you can. He thanked all of his Rotary friends.
Merv mentioned that Renae has a connection with Rotary as she had been on a Rotary exchange trip to New Zealand.
Marion thanked everyone for their attendance and the Meeting ended at 7:45.
P.S. “The cypress tree at the church locker has been trimmed” (I don’t think this is some strange, coded message, just an unofficial announcement. Ed)

Elaine’s Recycling Drive

Elaine’s Recycling Drive goes from strength to strength. Please remember to donate your blister packs.

School of St Jude Morning Tea

This is part of an invitation to the morning tea from the Uniting Church of Rosebud.
“…On Wednesday 20 March, 10.00am at SMPUC, 6 Murray Anderson Road, Rosebud is hosting a morning tea with Gemma Seisa, the Australian founder of the School of St.Jude in Tanzania.
Two of her former pupils (now uni graduates) will be with her to share her amazing story and the school that was built 20 years ago for the poorest and brightest of kids.
The school began with a few students and now has well over 1500.
Rotary has been a huge support both in Australia and internationally and were instrumental in the initial funding of the school development.
We personally sponsor a student and have visited the school and have a close interest in the school’s growth and impact on fighting poverty in Tanzania.
Could you please advertise to your members.
Bookings may be made via
Gemma gives a very exciting and enlightening talk….”

Bottles and Can Recycling

A message from Greg:
“….members, family and friends who use the “cash in your containers” scheme with proceeds going to the Rotary Club of Dromana. Simply use our number C2000010586 for the money to go into our Project Account. The depot is at 32 Brasser Ave Dromana 
Thanks Greg”
You will receive an email each week requesting that you confirm your attendance at the next meeting by return email of by phone call or text.

Current Projects

Your donation supports Rotary projects

1.Tiny House Emergency Accommodation Project.

2. Relief from natural disasters

3. Local youth programs

4 local area needs

5. International support


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