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Apologies: Elaine and Ray Barnard-Brown, Sergeant Merv and Brenton Ellis
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The Valley Golf Club
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President's Message
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Dear Rotarians and all friends of Rotary Club of Dromana.
Hopefully we are getting to the point of all of us being vaccinated, so we can soon be face to face again.

I was fairly pleased to see 20 out of 31 on our zoom meetings while we had our D.G. and his wife Judy. He gave us a PowerPoint presentation for all the subjects in Rotary in the present time, and some of the new items being introduced to Rotary. The main point of course is membership. If we want to retain district 9820 we should all try to introduce a new member into the club. The same  goes for all clubs in district 9820. The D.G. left us with his PowerPoint presentation, so when we are back to face to face meetings we will go over it again for all members to see.

We were pleased to see Judy also giving a good presentation. You can tell they are both very good at motivating Rotary.

On a happy note, I was pleased to arrange on behalf of the club, for Ray Barnard Brown, a 40 year certificate for Rotary, signed by our D.G. and myself. I presented it to Ray on the 1\10\21, he was pleasantly surprised and pleased.

Don’t forget our district conference coming up in February 2022, at least this is open for all members, we hope to have a good crew going to Traralgon. I will keep you informed so you can put it in your diary once we get closer to the date.

I hope all the members are well including the ones that weren’t on zoom, hope to see you on zoom next week!

I think it will be a club night. Your Pres… Harry , take care.
Don’t be too quick to criticize others,
Let them make their own mistakes.
Congratulations to Ray Barnard-Brown
Due to technical difficulties, Ray and Elaine were unable to attend the meeting last week. DG Bill Degnan was intending to present Ray with a certificate commemorating 40 years of service with Rotary but, consequently, was only able to ask for his congratulations and best wishes be passed on. The following weekend, Harry presented Ray with his certificate and passed on the club and district thanks for all he has done within Rotary.
Happenings at the last meeting
Our guests this week were DG Bill Degnan, his wife Judy and AG Peter Rawlings.
Being unable to visit us face-to-face Bill had joined our Zoom meeting to introduce his district leadership team and talk about various Rotary initiatives and concerns.
Next, Bill spoke about the problem Rotary faces of falling membership. From 1,374 members in July 2016 the district now has 1,131 as of July 2021. Although Rotary members internationally have remained pretty static, our International President Shekhar Mehta would like membership to increase by 100,000 in his year as International President. To this end Bill spoke of the IP’s initiatives and the strategic priorities all clubs can embrace.
All district clubs should reorientate our thinking from being just a fundraising organisation which distributes funds to other needy charities to being a humanitarian service organisation which raises funds primarily for Rotary branded projects and programs.
All this relates to raising the Rotary profile and attracting new members.
Bill and Judy also want us to remember the Rotary Foundation in our causes.
Judy next spoke on the DG Partner Project and stressed the need for all clubs to update and maintain their signage and to publicise Rotary at all outside events and projects. She issued a challenge and made suggestions on how to meet this challenge.
Lastly, Bill showed us the District Conference venue and speakers,
and announced the opening of registrations for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) to be held 17-22 January 2022 at Rawson Village.
Bill and Judy answered some questions: Indigenes Membership; Potential District amalgamations (9810 and 9820) if membership does not increase; Shine On Awards delays; Youth Exchange Program delayed until July 2022 and the current increase in costs for DIK of shipping containers.
Peter Rawlings had a few things to say about the Peninsular Trail project and how the Mornington Peninsular Rotary Clubs, and the 100th Anniversary, have equal billing with the Shire on an advocacy document which will be presented to the State and Federal Governments to seek further funding. This is a major, multi year project.
Rotary Clubs are going to take a lead role in liaising with community groups, the land council and environment groups throughout the Peninsular.
Back to the Meeting
Rick spoke about the celebrations that need to be planned for next year for the Club’s 50th Anniversary and Greg put forward the proposal to fix up the walking track under the Eagle chairlift.
Tyrell gave an update on the Sri Lankan project, the stove project and outlined all our overseas projects to Bill.
Harry thanked Bill, Judy and Peter and closed the meeting.
Rick has provided a number of articles for this Bulletin so I thought I’d give him his own heading.
Ricks Neighbourhood
"The Digital Divide
Every Sunday morning I get awoken by Geraldine Doogue on Radio National at 7.00 am.
Last Sunday one of her guests Jess Wilson, CEO of Good Things Foundation, spoke about the Digital Divide.
In summary -
“Recent research has come to the following conclusions.
1. 80% of people over 65 have difficulty keeping up with modern communication Technology
This is almost independent of levels of wealth.
2. Less than 40% of Australians feel they can keep up with rapid changes in Technology.”
There are two websites where help is available and this is great if you know how to access a website!!!!
Within our club there are some members who are willing to provide assistance for any member that needs help here and I would like to think that they will make themselves known to you if they are willing to help.
None of us know everything, well I don’t that’s for sure; even though I spent some years teaching IT with the Local U3A but I usually know how to find out.
One thing Lock Down does provide is more time at home and hopefully more time to think. Some of this time can be used to keep our grey matter functioning by learning some useful stuff.
Do you know that are at least 100 videos on the web that show you how to tie a Windsor Knot. I use to know but since I retired, I don’t wear a tie very often so I had to relearn!
The Federal Government as a website to help you.
And another worthwhile site is
Or you can ring Good Things Foundation 1300 795 897 and get help for free.
By the way if you log in to our ClubRunner website, you will see this interesting diagram of our club age distribution 83% of us are 60 and over!!! And two members do not know how old they are. I won’t mention your names!
A Blast From The Past.
As you would know we recently cleaned up our "stuff " at the Church Shed. We unearthed lot of history there, some of which we discarded.
Some we have put aside to give to charity, and in my case I brought home to a box of electronic devices to evaluate, and if worthwhile I would add it to our assets register!
Among the contents was a portable PC hard drive.
So I thought it would be worth examining its contents.The latest entry on the drive was dated June 2011.This would hopefully identify it’s owner. Needlessness to say it did. He is Michael Stephenson who may have been a guest speaker at our Club some years ago, among the files is a folder full of photos entitled “Lions Talk” I just wonder whether we were shown that years ago!!? Without being too nosy I searched through the files and came across his Mobile phone number and have contacting him, so he can retrieve the drive.
Rick H"
That's all Folks. Next week the Bulletin may return to a more manageable size as we have a Club Night (no slides please).

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