April 2021

Maternal and Child Health Month
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Roger McMillan
April 10
Andrew Turner
April 13
Pete Anderson
April 13
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Wanda Fitzgerald
April 9
Carol Hayllar
April 26
Murray Dart
Jenny Dart
April 10
Christopher Booth
Margie Booth
April 12
Andrew Turner
Sandy Turner
April 13
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Christopher Booth
April 20, 1992
29 years
Apr 15, 2021
Pet Therapy
Apr 22, 2021
May 06, 2021
Community Support
May 27, 2021
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This Meeting's Responsibilities
Alexander, Rob
Long, Mark
Cashier 1
Fitzgerald, Greg
Cashier 2
Byatt, Colin
Booth, Christopher
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Last Meeting
Guests:Carol Hayllar, Elaine Taylor, Andrew Duncan, Joy Duncan, Ann  Buchanan, Jarrod Troutbeck
Bernard Dobson, Chris Booth, Bob Donaldson,
Brenton Ellis, Greg Fitzgerald,
Tyrrell McGeever,
Roger McMillan, Andrew Turner
Tony Viney, Harry Ziegerink
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Thursdays at 6:30 PM
The Valley Golf Club
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Arrive 6:00 pm

Meeting Starts 6:30 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

If you cannot attend the meeting, then please send your apologies to

John or Julie Barnes email:,

or phone on 0407 800 852,
before the 5.00pm of the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

Catering for meals is expensive if you do not apologise your meal has been paid for and all your fellow members suffer the loss.

Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our local and Overseas


Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.( we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Australian Rotary Health always always looking for help with an emphasis on Mental Health in this coronavirus time

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President's Message
member photo
Hi All
Last meeting went pretty well although we had some minor problem with the audio. The cause of the Microphone problem was the Zoom meeting that I had set up for Ray B/B’s benefit was interfering with the PA system . It would have been easy fix if I had nothing else to do.
And I cannot help but call for assistance in the technical sides of running a meeting and in the setting up of the room. In the passed setup just happened but now I have been doping most of it myself. I am wondering whether we should roster members to help with this. It is not a big job compared with what it use to be. I am hoping to go on holidays next Rotary Year so someone else will have to do it. In the past David Buchanan contributed to the technical stuff but not one have offered assistance to date. And it is not rocket science. I am more than willing to help anyone to understand the systems we use. It was great to see Joseph Sofia (our sponsor Wine Lovers Warehouse), and Charles Ross, who is applying to join the club at the meeting.
Historic Missing items
A while ago I receive a lot of stuff that David Buchanan had stored in his home. One, in a tied up black bag intrigued me – an item of great value. It was the President’s chain with the presidents’ records back to the foundation of the club in 1972.
Now that we have the use of the Church shed to store our history and the we recently transferred all the items from the Old Shire Office store we need to devote some time to culling what we don’t want and sorting out the rest in a meaningful manner. There is a some important club history there and.. It would also be an opportunity to relieve Merv Prossor of the his archiving responsibility by transferring what he has to the shed.
There must be someone with library experience in the Club.
The Shine On Event
Will be held on SATURDAY 5th JUNE 2021 at 1 PM
Templestowe Baptist Church Hall 
103-105 Anderson Creek Rd
Doncaster East 3109
I will be attending this event and will offer to take Murray. Maybe others would like to join us
District Conference.
One again it would be great if more of you were to attend the District Conference. I have booked So Carol and I will be there and now P.E. Harry and Trudy are joining us. We would love some company. If you have never been before you don’t know what you are missing. Directors in particular should attend.
This weeks Menu
Butter chicken served on rice
Flat head tales chips and salad
Chocolate cake with custard
I hope to see you all on Thursday!
At the last meeting ...
Elaine and Ray, through the eggs from Rob provides, have raised money to assist children to attend school in Cambodia and for others to go to the doctor in Vietnam.  Well done. Small efforts make a big difference.
Tyrell has been speaking to Rotary club of Latitude 38 about these projects.  There is great value in working with other clubs on some projects before we venture out with our own.
Secretary Bob was back on deck.  Well sort of! He did arrive with two sticks.  It was great to see him at the meeting in person and not on Zoom.  It seems that his orthopaedic operation went well.
Michael Anderson has taken on the youth portfolio.
The Book Box program has been funded in part by the spinner money.
As reported in a previous bulletin, Harry has been speaking to a diary company about donating to the Dromana Community House.
Treasurer Mark said that the Bunnings BBQ was a great success, giving us a profit of $1515.  The first shift was reasonably busy at start and then heated up and it didn’t ease off until about 3.30.  Terry kept us and the customers entertained  so much so that some people came back for seconds!!
Chris, our expert in hot air and many other things, gave an interesting description of trying to heat an outdoor enclosure for Orangutans from an ambient 5° to a comfortable 20°.  He spoke of the difficulty of heating the air to incredible high temperatures all based on a complex Swedish formula.  Chris I am sure will be able to solve it.
Our social media continue to go well, but we need to emphasis where we spend the money we raise.  Chris spoke about the 50 per cent decrease in contribution to the Rotary foundation in the Covid year.  This is an issue as it will be reflected by fewer District grants in 3-years time.
Adrian spoke about one of favourite topics: Membership.  Increasing club membership is important to the all clubs. His view is summed up by “We should not wait for opportunities - we should create opportunities!”  He said we all know somebody and should encourage them to come and see what the club does and how it operates.  Adrian was careful to suggest that a member cannot invite somebody to join; they can only invite them to a meeting. It is a Board decision as to whether a person will be asked to join the club.
Adrian’s suggestion is that we promote the good work of Rotary and the ability to “give back to the community”.  He felt that spending the time over a cup of coffee can help a lot.
Watch this space
On the lighter side …
Ronnie Barker’s monologue: Pismronunciation
"Good evening. I am the president of the Loyal Society for the Relief of Suffers from Pismronunciation, for the relief of people who can't say their worms correctly, or who use the wrong worms entirely, so that other people cannot underhand a bird they are spraying. It's just that you open your mouse, and the worms come turbling out in wuck a say that you dick not what you're thugging to be, and it's very distressing. 
"I'm always looing it, and it makes one feel umbumftorcacle, especially when one is going about one's diddly tasks. Slopping at the Sloopermarket, for instance. Only last wonk, I approached the chuckout point, and I shooed the ghoul behind the crash desk the contents of my trilly, and she said 'All right, granddad, shout 'em out.' Well, of course, that's fine for the ordinary man in the stoat who has no dribble with his wolds. For someone like myself, it's worse than a kick in the jackstrop.
"Sometimes, you get stuck on one letter, such as wubbleyou. And I said, 'Well, I've got a tin of woup, a woucumber, two packets of wheese and a walliflower'. She tried to make fun of me and said, 'That will be woo pounds, wifty-wee pence.' So I just said 'Wobblers!' and walked out. 
"So you see how dickyfelt it is. But help is at hand. A new society has been formed by our mumblers to help each other in times of excream ices. It is balled Pismronouncers Unanimous, and anyone can ball them up on the smellyphone any time of the day or note, twenty-four flowers a spray, seven stays a creek, and they will come 'round and get drunk with you. 
"For foreigners, there will be inperpetwitters, who will all speak many sandwiches, such as Swedish, Turkish, Burkish, Jewish, Gibberish and Rubbish. Membranes will be able to attend tight stool, for heaving classes, to learn how to grope with the many complinkities of the daily loaf. 
"Which brings me to the drain reason for squeaking to you tonight. The society's first function as a body was a grand garden freight, and we hope for many more bodily functions in the future. The garden plate was held in the grounds of Blennham Paleyass, Woodstick, and the guest of horror was the great American pip singer, Manny Barrellow. The fete was opened by the bleeder of the opposition, Mister Dale Pinnock ... Pillock, who gave us a few well-frozen worms in praise of the society's jerk. He said that 'In the creeks and stunts that lie ahead, we must do out nut roast to ensure that it sucks weeds.' "And everyone visited the various stores and abrusements, the rudeabouts, thing boats and the dodgers, and of course, all the old favorites such as Srty your Length, guessing the weight of the cook and tinning the pale on the wonky. The occasion was great fun, and I think it can safely be said that all the men present and thoroughly good women were had all the time. 
"So, please join out society. Write to me, Doctor Small Pith, The Spanner, Poke Moses, and I will send you some brieflets to browse through and a brass badge to wear in your loophole."