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President's Message
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Dear Rotarians and all friends of Rotary Club of Dromana.
Hope your all well and looking forward to coming out of jail soon. We hope to be back face-to-face soon but we'll have to wait and see.

Interesting what our guest speaker Barbara Long was telling us, it taught me to be more careful where I put snail bait and what affect it can have on other wildlife. Interesting  talk.

A thank you must go to Rob Alexander for organising the Covid-19 "I am double vaxed" stickers. Well done Rob.

Please lets all have a good look at, and act on, the Dromana Rotary Club Strategic Plan that was mentioned by Mark Long at our last meeting.

Here are our break-up and start-up dates. Christmas party on December 23 2021 and return to first meeting Foreshore Breakfast January 13 2022, as per each year.

I wish you all a great week, take care.
By the way, can you all forward to John Barnes your Covid-19 states? We need to be ready for our meetings and markets and general mixing with the public. Most important for you and your family.

Yours Harry.
          IF YOUR ALIVE, IT ISN'T.

Happenings at the last meeting
This week we had a talk from Barbara Long who, apart from many other groups, is a member of the Habitat Restoration Fund. The fund had come in contact with the Margaret River Own Friendly Group and became aware of one the great problem facing raptors on the Peninsular as well as generally. The Fund is now focusing on community education and enabling a change of practice regarding the use of Rodenticides, as is Birdlife Australia.
Raptors (birds of prey) are a Key Indicator species in regards to our environment and are under increasing levels of threat which contribute to an imbalance in the ecosystem. One of these major threats is the use of Rodenticides.
Rodenticides are the baits laid to control rats and mice. Currently available are 2nd Generation rodenticides which kill not only the rat/rodent but the animal that eats that rat/rodent. The baits are used because they are quicker and you don’t require as much of them to kill the rat. However, there is a horrible penalty for this minor convenience, the 2nd Generation which could be a domestic cat or dog as well as birds of prey.
There are First Generation poisons available which only kill the rodent/rat. They are easily available but require a larger application of the bait and take longer to kill.
These products are not identified as First or 2nd Generation and can be purchased at many outlets such as Bunnings. Education of the community tries to limit the use of even first generation bait by the use of rat traps, cleaning up around the property, cleaning up chook pens and not providing a food source for rodents in our immediate domestic vicinity.
The social media campaign has been a phenomenal success with thousands of responses. In addition, the Birdlife Australia campaign will be producing educational material for distribution throughout the Peninsular. Especially during holidays the need for education of the visitors is paramount.
The Habitat Restoration Fund (on Instagram) and Save The Owl (Instagram and Facebook) would like the community to report/photograph sightings of Raptors to aid in the quantification and identification of Raptors on the Peninsular. Challenges to these birds are not just rodenticides but also human cruelty, habitat loss and climate change.
Barbara was thanked for a very illuminating and thought provoking talk.
Back to the meeting
Harry had a few things to say:
  • Rotary Xmas cakes are available from Mount Martha Rotary (21st Oct) cutoff.
  • Mount Martha has Rev. Tim Costello as speaker next Monday.
Rick, John, Mike are attending the District Governance Webinar.
Secretary Chris mentioned that the search for our missing moneys is progressing. This years AGM is waiting on the State Government for advice.
Ailsa outlined an announcement from Stall Holders Australia which outlined what they require of all market stallholders regarding their Covid Vaccination status. This led on to a general discussion around what the club could require of Market attendees. It was decided to wait on further information from the Stallholders group and the State Government.
Harry pointed out that Rob Alexander had sourced a number of rolls of stickers with “I’m Double Vaxed” with a Rotary Wheel which will be distributed at the Markets as a promotion.
It was decided that all Club members will send their vaccine status to Tony Viney for recording.
It is expected that the November market will go ahead and stall holders will have to verify their vaccine status. This information will be placed on our Websites. It was suggested that the Market could also provide a general information booth for Birdlife Australia and, later, for other community education exercises.
Tyrell has sent e-mails to Darwin Rotary requesting information on village needs in Timor Leste.
Mark Long pointed out that the Club’s Strategic Plan has stalled and needs to be resurrected. It was decided to re-distribute the Plan and ask for a vote from the Members.
Andrew gave an update on his investigations into the use of Shelterbags on the Peninsular. Jeremy Maxwell was thankful for the query but felt that they were not really useful to the Peninsular homeless. It was suggested that Greg ask him to address us again so we can see what he provides and needs.
Harry thanked everyone for attending and wished them well.

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