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One day we will be normal again.
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Welcome to our Club!
Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Old Shire Office.
Point Nepean Rd
Dromana, VIC 3936
We will be back when we are allowed. We currently meet online with Zoom invitations. So just don't turn up to the above location at the moment because there will be no-one there!!
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Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our local and Overseas Projects.

Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.(we older guys grew up with it all around us)

click HERE to see more

Our Local Dromana Community Centre always always looking for help

click HERE to see more

And if you would like to help click on the Donate link above


President's Message
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Great to see a great roll up at the Breakfast
A great low key meeting. And thanks for the many helpers we had to make it happen,
Is Previously emailed
Our Next Meeting Face to Face
While the Shire won’t let us into the Old Shire Offices and even less likely to let us use the kitchen in the foreseeable future, Harry and I have arranged for us to meet next Thursday at “The New Atrium” 10 COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE SAFETY BEACH.
This will be a very experimental exercise to see how it all works.
The management team of Ted and Nikki Stratton have been most helpful, and will let us use the function room for no cost, better than the Shire’s fee.
On this occasion, to ensure that you will have a great choice of food, and that you will be served on time we recommend that you ring up Nikki or Ted on 5981 8123 or 0425 826 364 before next Thursday and place your order. And of course tell them you are from Rotary.
And of course being good Rotarian if you book and don't turn up, you know the club will be out of pocket. So our treasurer Mark will be after you.
Failing that make sure you arrive as close to 6.00 PM as possible and place your order asap.
This will ensure that the meals are served quickly – quicker that we are used to and with no effort on our part!
You will pay for your meal direct to the Atrium. And of course order and pay for your drinks if required.
I have enclosed the menu for your perusal.
You will notice some Gluten Free (GF) versions are available.
This will be a Club night so feel free to contribute to the discussion. We will conduct the normal Lotto, fines (there must be plenty of those outstanding after 10 months), and the Foundation box will be circulating.
Hope to see you all together again
Rob’s Eggs
The best eggs on the peninsula are still available at Ray and Elaine B-B. for $5 per dozen.
Rob will continue to supply them to support his next nominated project “Vietnam Health Cards for the Needy Project”
I hope to see you all soon
Back with a bang soon!!!!