Meeting at The New Atrium 
10 Country Club Drive
Safety Beach
Meeting Starts 6.00pm  for 6.30pm 
Ends 8:00 pm
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Welcome to our Club!
jeudis at 6:30 PM
If you have not pre-booked and PAID for your meal, by phoning 5981 8123, please arrive by 06.00 PM and order your meal to ensure that it is served on time.
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Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our local and Overseas Projects.

Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.(we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Local Dromana Community Centre always always looking for help

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And if you would like to help click on the Donate link above


President's Message
member photo
Hi all
As before, to ensure that you will have a great choice of food, and that you will be served on time we recommend that you ring up Ted on 5981 8123 Wednesday or  next Thursday before 5.00 PM and place your order. And of course tell them you are from Rotary.
Failing that make sure you arrive as close to 6.00 PM as possible and place your order ASAP.
This will ensure that the meals are served quickly – quicker that we are used to and with no effort on our part!
You will pay for your meal direct to the Atrium. And of course order and pay for your drinks if required
I have enclosed the menu for your perusal.
You will notice some Gluten Free (GF) versions are available.
We are having  our first Face to Face guest speaker on this occasion so we will be testing out the screen and computer system.
Change at the Board
Ross Whitehead has stepped down as International Director to be replaced by Tyrrell McGeever. We wish you well in your new role Tyrrell.
Finally I would like to thank Andrew Turner for filling in for Rod Troutbeck as bulletin editor.
Hope to see you all on Thursday

From little things big things grow.


We often return to our old Whitehill Gallery to catch up with the current owners Ted and Helen Ori. They as many of you would know have established a great restaurant there, combining Ted’s great gardening skills with his flare in the kitchen.

Ted grows a great tomato variety there and earlier last year Ted gave me one of his tomatoes.

I saved the seeds from it and sowed a couple of them about May last year where they spent some time in a couple of pots on our kitchen window sill, where they finely broke the surface.













I let them mature a bit before transferring them to our portable hothouse, where the have since taken over the space.

Now we have to harvest the fruit before the little creatures get at them.

Happenings at the last meeting

Rick opened the meeting and introduced the three Guests who were attending. Dinner was then served.
After dinner the meeting was chaired by Chris who called upon President Rick.
Rick spoke about the success of the Market with particular thanks to Rob for the eggs and bird seed feeders. He also spoke about the $12K+ that the club has received through the Richies cards and how we should all apply for one. Lastly, Rick reiterated the need to order our meals well ahead of the meeting so the Atrium staff can work efficiently.
Secretary Bob then spoke. He noted that our BBQ trailer is registered for free which saves the club some money. Next, he announced that the Board had decided to commission a bronze plaque to commemorate the club and community service of the late David Buchanan. The plaque will be positioned on the BBQ shelter near the Dromana news agent and the unveiling date will be announced closer to the time. Lastly, Bob noted that Peninsular Transport Assist are looking for volunteers, a role which he endorsed.
Treasurer Mark noted that the Market had made a profit of $3,300, so far. He also reminded the meeting that the Board had intended that 20% of all fundraising profits were to be diverted to a “seeding” fund.
Director Tony next thanked everyone for their help in making the Market such a success. Learning from this last one he has suggested that the club purchase some Walkie-Talkies so as to smooth out communication on the day. Tony asked for a volunteer to address the proper placement of COVID signage. Lastly, he noted that improvement could, and would, be made to promotion of the Market in the future.
Director Harry spoke about the Dromana Community House and issues that had arisen with the timing of the paint spraying. He intended to clarify this with Tracey and required more volunteers.
Elaine announced that there were eggs and birdseed still available.
Bob noted that the Board had decided to trace the money that was being given to the Dromana Community House to see how it was benefitting the House. In future months Tracey will be invited to talk to the meeting on the work that the House does.
Tony announced that Mark had invoiced Hillview, for the new Trailer, to the tune of $7,000. Volunteers were now required for stripping the Trailer.
Ray queried the quality of sound at the meeting One solution could be changing the tables layout, which may also solve the question of being COVID compliant.
Harry noted that Simon Brooks needed adequate warning before he could arrange a visit to look at the Tiny Houses.
Chris pointed out that Feb 25th was the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Australia. There are a number of PR efforts being undertaken in the form of various District projects. He called for suggestions for a Club project which could raise the Club profile as well as support the District effort. Ideas were put forward and more were solicited.
After Lotto (won by Col) Mike spoke to the success of the Market flyers. Two new, generic, flyers were being created to capitalise on the promotional success. The Market COVID Safety Plan was being updated and the role of COVID Marshall was to be created. It was suggested that the Market publicity could try and work with the Club 100th anniversary project.
Fines were imposed and President Rick thanked to Guests and closed the meeting.
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Back with a bang soon!!!!