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President's Message
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Dear Rotarians and all friends of Rotary Club of Dromana.
Hope your all well, or as good as can be due to our current circumstances. Doesn’t look like we are coming out of this lockdown very soon, just take care at the present time with so many Covid 19 infected people around us.

On a brighter note, we congratulate RAY AND ELIANE B.B. on their 68 year wedding anniversary, well done. We hope to be able to beat that, ha ha ha. We wish you all the best for the future from all the members of the Rotary club. That you both have been involved with the club for many years we thank you both. As the logo for this year has it, Serve to Chance Lives.

What a motivated guest speaker we had this week, Janet McCahon, who's passion is working with the Cambodian people. I can relate with her as I feel the same myself. Once you do something like that you want to reach again and again. Well done Janet for a valued contribution towards assisting developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. Read more about Janet in this Bulletin.

Just to let all members know that, on October 24, we celebrate World Polio Day. We are hoping that each one of us will donate $10 towards this good cause. I will, to be part of ending this terrible disease. I know times are tough, but having to go around without limps on your body for life is so much harder. We are so lucky and privileged that sometimes we take it for granted. We hope district 9820 clubs will all contribute, this is Rotary at work. Lets eradicate this disease.
Take care, your pres. Harry
Eggs Galore!!!
Elaine Barnard-Brown has asked that it be loudly spread about that she has 14 (!!) dozen eggs for sale. As you all know, the proceeds from the sale of these eggs go towards our overseas projects supporting people with food parcels and medical vouchers. So contact Elaine and help her move this latest avalanche of eggs (or whatever the collective noun is).
Happenings at the last meeting
A speedy start to the last meeting, with Past District Governor Janet McCahon sharing with us her experiences and the successes of the Latitude 38 initiatives in Cambodia.
Janet first went to Cambodia in 2007 and was introduced to the heat, humidity and exotic smells that assault your senses on first arriving.
The Cambodian people are a kind and proud people who are always welcoming, especially when they find out that you are there to help them. During the 70’s they were subjected to horrors of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge who attempted to upturn society and drive Cambodia back to Year Zero. This genocide had left the current society without an older generation, professional class and their cultural knowledge. Over the years this loss is gradually being recaptured.
The children are captivating and were fascinated by older, grey haired people.
Janet is based in Siem Reap which is a tourist town in the north west of the country. The main attraction is the remains of the city of Angkor with it’s many temples, including the famous Angkor Wat.
They started with a small primary school and have helped improve the facilities for the children as well as expanding their efforts to provide support for other groups such as Green Gecko and Grace House. Janet lived there for a year and taught English. She enlightened us about the Cambodian/Buddhist culture and the ways Latitude 38 has been able to join with other international groups to assist the people.
The latest major NGO project is called Free to Shine which is aimed at keeping the village children in school so that they can improve their lives and the lives of their village. This also includes supplying a bike to two families to allow them to get to and from school. Grant had a set of photos which illustrated what Janet was talking to: bags for pregnant women, donated goods, buying bicycles, their regular tuk-tuk driver, rice/food packs to the villages, laundry products, children she’s watched grow up, local festivals, village life and supporting projects under the guidance of village elders and their local contacts.
Next, Janet spoke of the medical/health vouchers in Vietnam. These vouchers cover a single person for one year which help families in the lowest socio-economic strata survive.
Janet is hoping to be able to return to Cambodia in October 2022 with a group to work, and play.
Questions were asked and answered, touching on the problems that Cambodia still faces.
Back to the Meeting
Harry asked for reports from the Directors.
Tony will be dropping the new trailer off in the next days for refurbishment.
Tyrell announced the extension of the Sri Lankan food project. Mike will be adding a poster so that recipients will know who is supporting them. An anonymous donation has been added to the project.
Harry reiterated our thanks to Terry O’Day and wished him the best in the future.
A working bee on the church shed is coming up for a major clean-up and cleanout. All volunteers are welcome.
After a few conversational detours Harry closed the meeting.

Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our Rotary projects.


Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.( we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Australian Rotary Health always always looking for help with an emphasis on Mental Health in this coronavirus time

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On the lighter side ....
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