July is

The beginning of a new year
Meetings held weekly at Old Shire Offices, Point Nepean Road, Dromana.
One day we will be normal again.
But until then ignore the following-

Arrive 6:00 pm       
Meeting Starts 6:30 pm   
Ends 8:00 pm
If you cannot attend the meeting,
then please send your apologies to Elaine Barnard-Brown - - before the Tuesday preceding the meeting.
Catering for meals is expensive if you do not apologise your meal has be paid for and all your fellow members suffer the loss.
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June 18
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June 8, 2001
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June 15, 2011
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June 28, 2012
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We meet Thursdays at 6:15 PM
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The Rick Bit

Hi all

Thank you members for putting faith me to lead you through these strange times.

We have no idea what will happen next week; but that is nothing new, when you think about it, we never do know what will happen next week.

You will notice the header of our Bulletin has changed with the incoming RI President, HOLGER KNACK's theme of the year“Rotary Opens Opportunities”.

So as we are a positive thinking group let us explore the possibilities of “Opportunities”.

We will be adopting novel ways to keep in touch with each other and find ways of attracting new members and novel ways to develop and deliver service projects.

Hopefully we can attract guest speakers and we don't have to feed them think of all the money we save. But quite seriously I can imagine inviting a guest speaker to a member's home for dinner and then taking part in the meeting we just have to think out side the box that we are used to living in.

Adrian and I were discussing ways to get new members so Adrian will be revealing some ideas at next Thursdays meeting.

Between us have lot of thinking powers and creativity that we might not have used much in recent times because life has just gone along as usual. Now is the time to release the creative energy.

And to encourage this at our next meeting will be an open forum so that you can all express your ideas,

You will note upon reading the bulletin that there is now a new section Family of Rotary Dromana or “FORD” ( sorry for the Toyota fans).

This is Carol's initiative and she hopes to encouraging contributions from partners of members. It is strictly out of bounds for members.

I congratulate Rod Troutbeck for taking on the roll of Editor.

We don't often have a Professor in that role.

So expect some “learnered” content in the future.

One advantage of Zoom meetings is than even when we are far away we can still join in.

As did Andrew Kennison our member from Queensland.

So hopefully you will all able to join us on Thursday next at 7.00 pm


The changeover meeting 
P.P. Chris Booth opened the meeting and welcomed guests.  The Loyal toast was  proposed by President Peter Anderson, and Rtn Harry Ziegerink presented the Rotary Innovation.  Past President Geoff Taylor proposed the toast to Rotary International.  The District Governor Adrian Froggatt responded. 
Our exchange student from Brazil, Livia Martin, gave a presentation about year in Australia.  “it was the best year of my life”.

President Peter Anderson gave his report.
President Elect Rick Hayllar was inducted into office by the District Governor.
In the meantime, we all watched on.
And finally...
Carol's Story.

Each week a different family member is nominated to give a brief outline of their family's history.

We have two daughters, Sari and Nicole, five grandchildren aged 12 to 22. We had a life style change to run White hill Gallery for 22 years before we live now, in Safety Beach.

I nominate Freda to tell their family story next week.

The Peninsula is a place of extremes. Wealth and poverty. This year I would like to be able, through Rotary, to make a small difference. Rick had been a member of Camberwell Rotary when we lived in Malvern. Small dinner parties were hosted to help members become closer friends. I am proposing we do similar on a monthly basis on a Saturday or Sunday night or day, but with a small fee by guests to donate to Dromana Community House or another charity.

People who would be happy to host parties of four or five members please let me know, people who would like to be guests let the host or hostess know of food allergies or requirements. I propose hosts absorb costs, guests donate $25 and bring refreshments.

My Hope. Everyone Will Be Happy To Participate.