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Ziegerink, Harry
Booth, Christopher
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Club Information
Welcome to our Club!
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
The Valley Golf Club
District Site
Venue Map

Arrive 6:00 pm

Meeting Starts 6:30 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

If you cannot attend the meeting, then please send your apologies to

John or Julie Barnes

only by email:, or phone on 0407 800 852, before the MIDDAY on the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

Catering for meals is expensive if you do not apologise your meal has been paid for and all your fellow members suffer the loss.

President's Message
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Dear Rotarians and all friends of Rotary Club of Dromana.
I thought at our last club night every member had a opportunity to voice their opinion, some did and some were just a bit shy. That’s fine, you'll get more comfortable with it so don’t be shy. These club nights are good so we want everyone to be a happy member and it gives you a chance to point out something in the club where we can improve. We wont know if you keep it for yourself.

The 24/10 was World Polio Day. If it was not for Rotary what would be the condition of so many people in the world today? Thanks for another great Rotary initiated program nearly completed.

We hope to be back at the Market on 27/11. I look forward to this for the sake of the Club and hope you will all support us on the day.

We are presently working with the Golf Club, and our Board, regarding the catering for us when we get back face-to-face. This is another Covid 19 effected business, just one of many, but there is no need to be alarmed, just give it a bit of time. We will keep you informed.

Thanks to all those currently working to get our Market on the go. It does not happing by itself so thanks to you all.

I would once again like to thank our bulletin editors for presenting us each week with a great presentation. Thanks guys, well done.

All the best for our Rotarian Adrian Davies who has got some medical issues. Hope all goes well Adrian.
Yours Harry, take care.
Don't be intimidated by the Task ahead,
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.
Write down everything that matters to you, then list them in Priority.
It will help you focus on the important things in life.
Happenings at the last meeting
This week was a Club Night so the conversation was wide ranging and only mildly structured. Due to this the Bulletin will include lots of bullet points.
After Harry had opened the meeting, Chris had a few announcements:
  • The Dromana Australia Day Committee has announced the cancellation of this year’s events.
  • The District Communications Webinar is coming up. Directors are expected to attend.
  • The Club Strategic Plan was agreed by unanimous acclimation (or the raising of Zoom-hands) and the Club will proceed towards implementation in November.
Harry announced that there is an issue with the ongoing catering at the Valley clubrooms which have to be sorted out before our next face-to-face meeting. (Ed: no one suggested that we could bring our own food as long as the bar was open).
Rick announced a grant for the Rotary Friendship House.
Tony had a plethora of subjects to cover:
  • The refurbishment of the Club Trailer is currently not progressing so he is going to investigate.
  • The Civid-19 Plan for the Market has been published on social media. It requires Stallholders to be Vaxed and 12 have already confirmed their compliance.
  • Carols By Candlelight may be moved to the December Market. The only problem was the date (Xmas Day) so a submission has been made to the Council to change the date to the previous Wednesday and make it a twilight market.
  • Regarding the Public attending the Market, it is up to them regarding their Vax status. We can not be the Covid police.
General discussions ensued.
  • John asked that all Vax Certificates be forwarded to Rick so they can be loaded into Clubrunner.
  • The date and venue of this year’s AGM will be discusse3d at the Board meeting next week.
  • Partners will be required to be vaxxed if attending the AGM.
  • The Senior Citizens Club policy on vax status to be investigated.
Tyrell had some updates from the International Directorate:
  • The Club matched the $400 dollars donated to the Latitude 38 Club by the sale of eggs.
  • There have been temporary delays in the distribution of the food packages in Sri Lanka.
  • Queries have been sent to Port Moresby and Darwin Rotary regarding the type of fires being used for cooking in local villages so that the Stove Project can adapt if necessary. Awaiting replies.
Harry announced that Peter Rawlings was having a Cluster Meeting regarding the Bay Trail Project on 31st October.
Next, Greg had some information:
  • A bench design, provided by the Council, which has wheelchair access has been costed at $10,000+ which is excessive for the anniversary project. Other designs are being evaluated and costed as well as a bench seat design. How benches are to be labelled is up for discussion.
  • The Dromana Association supports the upgrading of the track under the Chairlift.
  • The Life Saving Club has been canvassed as an option for our Club venue. We are waiting on a response.
  • The Hillview Reserve Working Bee has been cancelled.
Once again, Harry thanked all the attendees as this was a well attended meeting which ended at 7:56 (An early time which shocked many).

Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our Rotary projects.


Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.( we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Australian Rotary Health always always looking for help with an emphasis on Mental Health in this coronavirus time

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And if you would like to help click on the Donate link above!


On the lighter side ....