Sep 01, 2016
Sep 15, 2016
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Guests:Brenan Eames
Apologies:Colin Byatt
Rick Hayllar, Ailsa Hemphil, Lyn Lewis, Tyrrell McGeever, Roger McMillan, Geoff Taylor
Russell Hampton
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Welcome to our Club!
We meet Thursdays at 6:15 PM
Old Shire Office.
Point Nepean Rd
Dromana, VIC  3936
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President's Message
Ross Whitehead
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Good evening members ,guests,and those on our email list.
tonights meeting was a very good night as we had a great guest speaker, it gives everyone a chance to hear from those people who are not Rotarians but give there time to support and talk about there life, we thank them, please remember this month is Membership month and Peter as director of Membership needs all the help he can to boost numbers in this area, we really need more women in our club as they are a great asset to not only our club but others as well, so if you think of any one who might be interested please let sir Peter no.
(this Pres report was written bye Peter not Ross,on his behalf.)
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Booth, Christopher
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Barnard-Brown, Elaine
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Barnard-Brown, Ray.
Aug 18, 2016
Last Week's Meeting
                                                                                                          MEMBERSHIP MONTH
Thursday 18th August
Good evening Members and Guests.
At tonights meeting Chairman Greg introduced the Pres
Pres Ross, then welcomed visitors and guests, we did the anthem, toast to Australia, and invocation.
Dinner tonight was Pizza  and salad and garlic pizza, and was good to have our kitchen hand back to help after her car problems had her stranded in Deniliquin NSW.
Pizza was supplied by That Pizza shop in Boundary rd Dromana, they gave us the garlic bread witch David B loved HAHA.
Director Bob got up and spoke about a storage shed donation for $16,500 from the Rosebud shire for the Dromana community garden, at the end of Pier street, also Bob reminded members about the Bellura house 27th August at a cost of $35.00 per head.
Bob also spoke about District Gov Lyn Westerland and getting new members, as this is membership month, and her visit to our club and all directors to be prepared for her visit.
Bob also mentioned Ray BB 3 areas of concern, Halloween, Carols and Art show, Rays concern was the insurance to cover members and guest's and general public etc.
The sound system for carols was an issue , as the choir would not come back unless it was fixed up or replaced.Bob has put in an application to Bendigo Bank for some assistance. 
Rotary Hasting is having a meeting on their Monday 12th Sept 6.00 for 6.30 start , this meeting is for clubs to discuss the insurance matter and is advising all members who can attempt to do so, as we need public protection as well as members.
Director Chris mentioned the attendance of Bob, David, Chris, doing the student interviews at Balcombe College.
Also mentioned NYSF and we have 2 students from Balcombe College who were successful,  Hannah and Dione, the club will be paying
$1,350 to pay for one of them.
And great news, we have someone for RYLA. Great job Chris.
Director Rob found some pictures of the students we sponsored to go to Cambodia and asked if we should get them to he.p with our trailer raffle.
Lotto was won bye Rob again, 2 weeks in a row, doing well, but payed a fine for the privilege. 
Murray did the fine session,and sent everyone home broke.
John Barnes did the gig, after saying at the start wasn't,  then proceeded to talk about our working with children , as he is our protection officer, he needed all paperwork from members and partners completed.
Chairman Greg then handed over to our guest speaker for the night Brendan Eames, Brendan likes Jazz and is a worker for the Catholic society, used to work for the union and was also on the Adult parole board and also the trade union movement.
Brendan left school aged 15 in 1959 as he was involved in athletics, but after an injury left and went to work for the union, the manufacturing union amalgamated with the Storeman and Packers Union, Brendan was in the Food side of the union and represented 3,500 people, he traveled to Asia to work with them not against them.
he worked with the Aboriginal community, he said the women would work better for the family than the men in there management role. 
Brendan also worked for the desalination plant and gave some interesting stories about how workers got away with a lot and blew the job out bye 18 months, but did say it would keep Victoria in water for a very long time.
As a An Adult Parole officer he had a few good stories,  he mentioned about how he was walking around jail an some inmates were playing tennis and a ball came over the wall, as they thought this was odd, they investigated and found the ball was filled with heroin, he also mentioned the current problem with drugs in jail , he had a repeat offender of 5 times  that admitted he did crimes went to jail then paroled out, but on his last parole meeting, said to Brendan is he was granted parole once more he would never go back to jail, when he was asked why now, the man replied that the criminals in jail now are dangerous because of the drugs they can get into jail.
He also mention some of the criminals he has dealt with, Chopper Read and one of the excuses he gave when he killed someone, he was sitting in the back seat of a car and shot the person in the front seat,  the person died, but Chopper stated the car went over a bump and the gun discharged, chopper was charged with manslaughter, Brendan also said a lot of criminals first offence as stealing a push bike, it went on from there. It was a very interesting conversation that had us all deeply interested and we thanked him for his time.
Don't forget to find the joke or misprint to avoid Murray's fine session, not the spelling mistakes , you Knows hoo you are .
Also remember this month is Membership month, even though l am the Membership director, l would like every member to try and increase our club membership, the success of all Rotary clubs depends on there membership, so please put some thought into it.
I have included a video from RI president John F Germ, please take the time to look at it, if the link doesn't work, check the web sit or look at Secretary Bob Donaldson's e-mail to club members on the 12th August.
Final reminder to Mary's Anti Cancer Italian Luncheon, its the 28th of August, we have had a great interest in our event and the numbers are filling fast, thanks to all members that are supporting this great course.
As you no some members are away, some say they are working.
Geoff sent me a picture sitting at atbar, and Greg sent a picture at an intersection not knowing witch way to go.
Tyrrell was happy the meeting finished early.
ONE OTHER THING, MEMBERS PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES, we have some member related bills to pay, so please get onto it ASAP, thank you.
Here is my first ex member report for this week.
Hi Pete.  Lothar would have taken all night to type something...  Say hello to Mary.  We are on holiday from next weekend.  Lothar is going to come to the salon tomorrow for a hair cut – will chat to you about catching up when we get back.
Lothar has made a good but slow recovery from his 6 weeks in hospital.  His surgeon has recently advised that the surgery he had last year on is aortic aneurysm is working well.  His surgery this year on the aneurysm behind his knee also appears to be working well.  He is having physio weekly that is assisting his recuperation.
The good news for Lothar and Debra was that he was given the all clear to fly and in August they are off to Darwin for a few days and then taking the Ghan down to Adelaide.
Lothar and Debra have also made the decision to downsize as being on a ½ acre steep block was becoming too difficult to maintain.  They have bought land in Waterfall Gully, have found a local builder and will hopefully commence building their new house in September.
They are also looking forward to their son’s wedding in November.
Following their holiday, Lothar intends to return as a Friend of Dromana Rotary and again volunteer.
Lothar has offered to donate 2 bikes to anyone in need of them, if anyone in our club or any other club on this mailing list Knows of anyone, please contact me and l will forward it to Lothar and Debra, they will be away for a couple of weeks, thanks to Lothar and Debra for thinking of there kind donation.
Meetings held weekly at Old Shire Offices, Point Nepean Road, Dromana.

Arrive 6:00 pm        Meeting Starts 6:30 pm    Ends 8:00 pm
If you cannot attend the meeting,
then please send your apologies to Elaine Barnard-Brown - - before the Tuesday preceding the meeting.
Catering for meals is expensive if you do not turn up and your meal has be paid for.