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One day we will be normal again.
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Boundary Road Project (proposed reopening of old Pioneer quarry)
Oct 29, 2020
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Guests:Dr Sari Hayllar our guest Speaker
Bernard Dobson
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Taylor, Geoffrey
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Welcome to our Club!
Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Old Shire Office.
Point Nepean Rd
Dromana, VIC 3936
We will be back when we are allowed. We currently meet online with Zoom invitations. So just don't turn up to the above location at the moment because there will be no-one there!!
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President's Message
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Hi All


It was great to get a phone call from Adrian Davis after his visit to hospital. He sounded just like his old self!!!

And also great to have our returning member Rob Alexander back in the fold, looking forward to his ideas. It was interesting that when I tried to update his details on the RI website thought a process called "compare and synchronise" it did not work. So I had to email the big guns from Parramatta to fix it. It is a bit like it was in the "old days" when a letter went astray and you had to ring up the Post office in an attempt to trace it. The difference this time was that the problem was fixed in a matter of minutes.


ClubRunner Insight

I would like to conduct a Website training session on Zoom in the near future. It would lighten my load if more members became familiar with the ClubRunner system and were able to make effective use use of the District and RI Websites.

And would would me mush easier for Directors to fulfil their roles. So for those of you who actually read the bulletin please consider this offer. A half hour session should be all that is necessary.

As I have stated many times before the like the rest of the world Rotary has gone digital. You can't even get a gun licence without going on the Web now- assuming you want one, and it is a long time since I have written a cheque.


Our guest speakers

for this week are discussing a controversial subject -

Boundary Road Project (proposed reopening of old Pioneer quarry)

As you would know this has caused a lot of unrest around the local area.

Bulletin Contributions

Rod is doing a splendid job of editing the Bulletin. He would value contributions from you all however

I thanks Carol for encouraging partners to contribute to the Bulletin it is a great way top bet to meet the partners until we have better ways of achieving it

I hope to see you all or Thursday



Hello wives and partners of Dromana Rotary, I sometimes hear friends living on the Peninsula say they are moving to Melbourne for better medical care. We have all been thinking about our local his hospitals with David being dependent on the care there and I only hear good reports. Having a daughter who works in Infection Control and knowing she and others gave up their weekends to work, leaving their children to “bring up themselves” as their father said. Her small department has been added to with twenty five more staff now. Most need up-skilling. Public hospitals have doctors 24/7, from specialists to doctors beginning their careers. Sometimes your health may need stabilising before you require a helicopter ride to Melbourne, a nice free ride.

Avere una buona settimana, Carol


Happenings at the last meeting 
Guest speaker
Dr Sari Hayllar a paediatrician,  gave a most interesting presentation entitled “Paediatrics in the time of Covid”.  She concentrated on the issues of diagnosing and assisting patients when physical contact  is to be avoided and zoom type meetings are required.  She said she practices from the West Gippsland Hospital.  We were surprised to hear that the hospital was established in 1888 and opened in 1908.  The current hospital was built in 1939.
Sari explained that she is involved with patients from tiny babies to school age children.  In the presentation she presented a number of vignettes of her interaction with patients, particularly with tele-health  and the general concern about the virus.  Although tele-health is not as good as an in-person consultation she has been able to see patients while the family was camping at the beach.
Sari spoke about the trials and tribulations of many patients.  She spoke about some patients that had a very positive experience with tele-health and in fact it has assisted Sari in being able to observe and diagnose the patient.   There were other occasions where the tele-health did not work, and she need to see the patient in person.
Sari spoke of one patient, whose family were concerned about his development.  He was slow to talk and would have been a little shy to see Sari in her rooms.  However with Zoom she was able to see the young patient in his surroundings and could see that he was developing OK. 
She said that she has never seen so many dogs on her consultations as she has seen though the tele-health consultations.  The dogs are a valuable aid to many people’s health.
We all agreed that is was a most interesting presentation by Dr Sari Hayllar.
Meeting notes
The President Rick indicated that we were successful in our application for a community grant for the school scholarships. 
He has sent a test bulletin with a link to a donate to the club’s fundraising activities.  
Secretary Bob update us on the Carols by candlelight evening, there will be a meeting on the 15th October, to decide if it will go ahead and under what circumstances. 
 Harry reminded us about the club’s Annual General Meeting on 26 November. Harry  is looking for members to apply for Directors and chairmen positions.
He noted that we have donated $800 for Interplast including around $500 from members.
Tony said  that the market site has been spot marked to indicate the location of the sites.  Now ,the challenge to put the locations on a map.   
Tony also indicated that a video has been produces to show how to put items onto  Facebook.  It should not be too hard for members to do so. 
Greg spoke about the 100 year celebration for Rotary in Australia and around the bay trail.  The issue is with the section around Anthony’s Nose is too difficult.  It was suggested that we could we install a couple of tables and a bike rack near the area where there is a mobile coffee shop.
Greg also spoke about the Ritchies card for  getting money to the club.  If you spend money with Ritchies, they will pay 0.5 % into a club account.  Along the same lines it was recommended that try to put a spinner at Aldi Store.
Ray has recommended to the Australia Day Chairman, Ray Robinson, to cancel the Australia Day celebrations.  We are running out of time to prepare for the event given the restrictions.
It was recommended that we should put David Buchanan’s name on the picnic shelter to honour him for all the work he has done for the community in Dromana.
On the lighter side