February is
Peace and Conflict
(World Understanding)
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Tyrrell McGeever
February 2
Christopher Booth
February 12
Geoffrey Taylor
February 26
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Elaine Taylor
February 21
Michael Anderson
February 13
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Rick Hayllar
February 1, 1996
28 years
Harry Ziegerink
February 12, 1991
33 years
Rob Alexander
February 19, 2002
22 years
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Smith, Aggie
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Viney, Tony
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Buchanan, Ann
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Alexander, Rob
Anderson, Pete
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Buchanan, Ann
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Trevellyan, Marion
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Viney, Tony
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Whitehead, Ross
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Ziegerink, Harry
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Peter Anderson
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President's Message
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It was nice to see the interest expressed at the Special General Meeting on 21st Feb and the fact that the vote was to keep the meeting frequency as weekly.
Thanks to Adrian for bringing us up to date on the latest Rotary Down Under. I'm sure a lot of us don't find the time to look through this informative magazine so Adrians summary was very helpful.
A reminder to all Board members that the Board is meeting on the 5th March, midday at Laneway.

Happenings at last week’s Meeting

This week our Meeting was divided into two. The first portion was the Special General Meeting (SGM) to vote on the motion proposed at the AGM which was, in essence, that the Board be directed to keep the weekly meetings and look at flexibility regarding the venue/catering/format. (I know it’s more complicated that that but I don’t have the space. Ed)
The President opened the SGM with some introductory comments and clarifications. He then asked for comments from the Members. Joseph highlighted the costs of the alternate weeks. Chris pointed out that finding an alternate venue was not easy. President Mick announced that Charles was chairing a committee to look at options. As there were no more comments from the Members, the President called for a vote and the Motion stands.
We now reverted to the normal Meeting format and had the Toast and Invocation.
The Chair this week was Joseph. As the President felt that he had nothing more to say his Report was bypassed and the Apologies were read out.
The Chair now called for the Secretary/Treasurers Report.
Mark announced:
  • There are still no nominations, only rumours, for the 25/26 President;
  • The latest announcement from Regionalisation Committee is that 9820 will now be in Region 9815-5 which means that our Region grows by one in comparison to the old Cluster; and
  • The next Board Meeting will be at midday on the 5th March at Laneway.
Joseph now called for Directors Reports. (and was once again greeted with the sound of crickets. Ed) He then called on Adrian to address the Meeting.
Adrian announced that he was going to talk about the February/Latest edition of Rotary Down Under. He understood that many Members do not take the opportunity to do more than peruse the RDU. As part of his working life he would review documents and he carries this habit through to today. He has found this edition of the RDU especially exciting and relevant to our Club.
He spoke about the Rotary International President-Elect, Stephanie Urchick, and her theme of The Magic of Rotary. There are 1.4 million Rotarians and one of the aims of Rotary is working for peace and understanding. He looks forward to her Presidency.
Next, he ran through the various articles within the Magazine. These ranged across both local, national and international efforts being made by Rotary. For example:
  • Rotary Club of Claremont in Tasmania sending rice to families in Cambodia and also holding an annual Soapbox Derby;
  • The Rotary Club of Rotorua providing hygiene packs for local women and children;
  • District 9150 is helping out in the Ukraine;
  • The Rotary Club of Springwood has provided a defibrillator to a local Blue Mountains Hotel as part of on on-going project;
  • The March and Malaria is an initiative for local Clubs to engage with the Community to raise money regions dealing with the threat of Malaria. This joins with the Rotary Against Malaria global initiative; and
  • Many more interesting and thought-provoking articles.
Joseph thanks Adrian for taking the time to bring us up to date.
Harry announced that $2000 is being donated for treated mosquito nests for Rotary Against Malaria and he hopes that Libby Wilson will talk to the Club in the near future.
Chris rounded up some volunteers for the next Market and announced that the Shire will be taking two stalls for “community engagement”. He also gave a “mea culpa” regarding the Bunnings BBQ on the 24th. This will not be happening but we a first replacements if the allocated organisation drops out.
Charles would like a list, and positioning, of all the old Rotary emblems so that they can be updated.
Greg announced that an account code has been established for the collection of cans and bottles at the recycling facility. There are still issues with the creation of a new Pay Pal account.
The Lotto was drawn and won by Greg. Murray flung around a number of fines including Birthdays and Anniversaries, missing badges and the missing Gong (which meant we were left to dong. Ed).
Harry now gave a brief speech about his time with Rotary and how he joined as a way of giving back to Australia. He has been with Rotary now for 33 years and 29 of those years with Rotary Australia World Community Service. The Members applauded Harry and his commitment.
Joseph thanked everyone for their contributions to the SGM and the regular Meeting. We ended at 7:55.
You will receive an email each week requesting that you confirm your attendance at the next meeting by return email of by phone call or text.

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