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President's Message
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Dear Rotary members and friends.
It was a most encouraging to see the amount of work we're still able to do during lockdown. In both domestic and international projects we are making strides. We may find limits on what we want to do but this means we can stop, re-think, and possible find a better way.
As I said last week, it's easy for us to get down hearted by what is going on but all we need to do is look around and see that there are many people, both here and overseas, who are doing it a lot worse. Rotary is our chance to help so we should grasp it in both hand and go for it.
The zoom meeting are not the best way but they're what we are stuck with. Please continue to try and attend so that the Club has an active, communicating, membership.
Take care.
Your president 
Happenings at the last meeting
I’d like to take this opportunity to explain some of the shortcomings in this weeks Bulletin. Firstly, it’s late. Now we all know that young children are mobile Petri dishes but my 6 year old grand-daughter outdid herself this week. She picked up a cold virus (luckily not the one who shall not be named) and transferred it to her whole family and carers. Consequently I have been practically unable to function for the last five days but I have now managed to crawl off my death bed, make a coffee and attack the keyboard. Secondly, it’s not going to be complete and comprehensive. Our meeting was via Zoom and it was being recorded. However, the recording was lost so we are thrown back on my powers of recollection which are nowhere near the legendary capacity of Rods total recall. So with these two caveats, welcome to this weeks Bulletin.
Our Guests
This week we had a return visit from one of our sponsors, Hillview Quarries.
Paul, Sally and Maggie came along to give us an update on their Boundary Road Project which they had explained to us some time ago. Sally gave us a brief recap of the quarries history and the work of the RE Ross Trust, which distributes the quarry profits via grants across Victoria ($142m) and especially within the Mornington Peninsular ($20m).
The project is currently progressing an Environment Effects Statement (EES) which involves a detailed technical investigation into environmental and social impacts of the project, as well as detailed community engagement to explain the project to the community and receive feedback from the community. Engagement and work is ongoing and the EES is not expected to be presented to the appropriate State Government Department (DEWLP) until 2023.
There were a number of questions from the members and then Sally and Maggie had to sign off.
Paul opted to stay with the meeting to see how Rotary Dromana was progressing and find out if there were any other areas that the Trust could be assisting with.
How is the Club Progressing under Lockdown?
Director Tony spoke of the effect that Lockdown is having on our regular fundraising activities. The new club trailer is moving ahead but in fits and starts and the Community Market is a month-to-month proposition. However, Tony and Chris have had a productive meeting with the Council (Councillors and Office Holders) and are looking to progress our involvement in improving the facilities in the park where the Market is held (near the Visitor Information Centre).
Director Tyrell spoke on the work being done in International Services. Initiatives he spoke on were:
  1. Cambodia/Vietnam medical cards.
  2.  Negombo Food Aid Project in Sri Lanka.
  3. Opportunity to provide a stove for village families in Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, which will reduce the myriad hazards around open-fire cooking.
This last topic, on saving lives with cleaner cooking, showed how much can still be accomplished during lockdown. The team has been in contact with the US and received detailed plans for the stoves and suggestion on how to proceed. Paul was particularly interested because Hillview have had an historical involvement in the area.
Selling eggs is an on-going fundraiser for our international initiative and there seem to be more on the way so get ready for luscious omelettes for all.
Around about now the haze through which I am remembering the meeting really descends so I’ll apologies for those I’ve missed or misquoted and rush to publish.

Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our Rotary projects.


Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.( we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Australian Rotary Health always always looking for help with an emphasis on Mental Health in this coronavirus time

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