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Last Meeting
Guests: Charles Roos for the Last Time, and his wife Carole, Carol Hayllar, and our Guest Speaker, Simon Brooks.
Rob Alexander, Ray Barnard-Brown, Elaine Barnard-Brown
Colin Byatt, Murray Dart, Bernard Dobson, Brenton Ellis, Tyrrell McGeever, Terry O'Day, Roger McMillan, Rod Troutbeck,Tony Viney
May 06, 2021
Community Support
May 13, 2021
Enrolments and Plans
May 20, 2021
Big Walk in Tassie The Southern Ranges.
May 27, 2021
Jun 24, 2021
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President's Message
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Hi All
Hi all
Well Harry Trudie, Carol and I spent Saturday afternoon and evening that the mini conference
See the programme below. We were very inspired by what we heard and what we saw
As you can see from the programme below.
DG Mark of course began planning the event before lock down and had to change the plans on the run. The initial proposal was to have the conference aboard a Tour Ship. The idea being that the suitable ship be booked out for the event so only Rotarians and connections will be on board and we were to spend the whole conference touring on a luxury liner.
The venue Chosen Nossel High School is where DG Mark works as the IT manager.
It is a select school commencing at year nine and requires students to pass an entrance exam similar to Melbourne High School.
Much of the event’s catering and entertainment was provided by student and staff of the school.
There the standard was exceptionally high.
Where else would you go to get a 3D model of our Rotary Year Theme? Created by the Students using their 3D printer.
The business various reports inspired Harry and I; and Harry and his team will have a whole year to hopefully make use of the knowledge gained.
Linda Humphries gave us a great address on Membership , and she will be the District guide on this important matter over the next year.
I will not tell you anything about the great food starting with canapes and then a succulent dinner will a good choice of beverages except to say you that did not attend you missed out!
I had nearly recovered the above even when I realised. upon waking up on Sunday morning the Virtual Multi District conference was to be held.
Again despite my overtaxed head I saw some wonderful performances. On In particular concerned our RI Programme of Protecting the environment.
This session was handled by a Young Rotarian guy. it is a shame I lost his name, but he was able to cut through the BS that we are often fed by some that try to influence us.
But now that the environment has got a place in Rotary where it deserves we can  help to get the planet back on track. The other interesting thing that can come out of this is that with our Children and Grand Children being more knowledgeable about the state of our planet, {and more concerned than some of us old f***ts} they may find it a great reason to join Rotary. So would should work on this and attract some members from these generations!
Virtual District Conference
And there is still a great opportunity to experience a District Assembly of you own see sell and click Here for more information
Paul Harris Fellowships
The board as revamped the Committee that decides on the annual Paul Harris Fellowship awards.
Under the chairmanship of Geoff Taylor, the rest of committee comprises myself, Bob Donaldson, and Chris Booth. If any member has thoughts of possible awardees from the general community, i.e non- members please forward the details to Geoff for consideration.
Cottage pie , served with Broccolini and garlic bread
Bacon ,pumpkin linguini and garlic bread
Lemon tea cake and cream
Hope to see you all on Thursday
You might remember I mentioned at a Club meeting about a month ago that I was investigating a couple of International Projects currently being undertaken by the e-club, Latitude 38. I was made aware of these projects by Past President Rob who, with assistance from Rotarian Elaine Barnard-Brown, has enabled our club to make a sizable contribution via profits from the “egg sale” to one of these projects.
These two projects are in Asia are as follows:
Vietnam Health Cards for the Needy Project: This is the project to which the $1,000 donation was made via the courtesy of the sale of eggs made available by PP Rob and Elaine.
In January 2019 club members attended the presentation of Health Insurance Cards at the Local Authorities Office in Ben Tre, Vietnam. Also attending was another donor from Ho Chi Minh City and representatives from SAPP (Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients, a Vietnamese organisation. The Vietnamese authorities were very appreciative of the Australian club’s contribution to purchasing Health Care Cards.
In February e-club Latitude 38 representatives met with the President of SAPP and donated $4,100 (64,000,000 VND) to purchase health cards in Dong Thap Province in the west of Vietnam. These cards will allow 800 Vietnamese to access free health care who would otherwise not be able to afford care.
Cambodian Rice Drops: In November 2019 three e-club members travelled to Siem Reap, Cambodia with an agenda to purchase and distribute rice, food/hygiene essentials and pushbikes. Funds were limited and approximately $1,050 was available to spend. Four pushbikes, 550 kgs of rice, stationary (writing books, pencils and sharpeners, erasers, rulers and toy balls were purchases for distribution. Essential food items (soy and fish sauce, cooking oil, tinned fish), hygiene items (washing powder, dish washing liquid, toothpaste and hand soap) were distributed.
You can see how far such as little funds can go to help people in countries such as these.
I recommend that our Club join with e-club Latitude 38 to assist in what way we feel is appropriate by the donation of funds to help future and expand these two worthwhile small projects until we can find a suitable project for ourselves. These projects could well develop in a FAIM trip in which members of our club could accompany other club members to visit Vietnam and Cambodia to help purchase goods and distribute them to the needy.

Tyrrell McGeever
Chair, International Services
3 May 2021

Hello Rotary Partners,

Trudy and myself accompanied Harry and Rick to the District Conference in Berwick. The drive there was through extremely heavy traffic, the venue Nossel College, a showcase school that begins at third form. The school is opposite Chisholm Uni so at last some very sensible planning. The enthusiasm of the speakers was quite contagious, The young man who spoke about the new Mt Eliza “off shoot” club showed how Rotary needs to think outside the square. This new club has eight members, with new ideas. Their current focus is the promotion of bees, in particular the native bees of which there are hundreds of varieties. Our entertainment for the evening was a school orchestra and small group musical items, an Indian dance group all students and much to our surprise the wonderful food was cooked and served by the school students and staff.

ciao Carol

Happenings at the last meeting
President Rick opened the meeting and invited Mark Long to introduce Charles Ross to the meeting. Charles was accompanied by his wife Carole and has been sponsored by Mark for membership of the Club.
President Rick conducted the investiture, welcoming Charles to the Club and presented him with his badge, certificate and Rotary Information pack. Charles gave an acceptance speech and was officially welcomed by all to the Club.
Chris chaired the meeting and invited President Rick to speak. Rick spoke about the mini conference and added his invitation for more attendees.
Chris next called on Secretary Bob. Bob spoke on a number of subject including: The upcoming District Assembly; donations to Red Hill; the possibility of milk products being donated to the Dromana Community House; updating Rotary branding to the “yellow wheel” as standard; the club receiving a grant of $1500; the upcoming Coastal Trek for Beyond Blue; and World Immunisation Week.
Next, this weeks GIG was presented by Ross Whitehead. Ross spoke about his transition from plumbing back to cattle breeding. He spoke about the initial trials of finding suitable paddocks but said that things had been gradually improving and he is still enjoying having to deal with daily challenges.
After Lotto and fines, Mike spoke about the latest social media updates that have been made and the continuing successes.
Merv introduced the upcoming Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal and their need for volunteer collectors. The Appeal is on the 29th and 30th May, from 10am to 4pm and all items will be supplied for the volunteers. Please contact Merv.
Chris introduced the guest speaker, Simon Brooks who after mentioning his early days with Rotary spoke on the use of Hydrogen energy. He pointed out that the adoption of hydrogen as an energy source requires all levels of government including our local governments. He also explained the difference between Brown and Green Hydrogen.
After Simon took questions from the floor, Chris thanked him and handed back to President Rick who closed the meeting at 8:00.