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Guests:Drew King, Theressa Stelling, Jaidyn Heeron, Upton Jones.
Apologies:Rob Alaxander, Elaine BB, John Barnes, Colin Byatt, Ailsa Hemphil, Tyrrell McGeever, Geoff Taylor.
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We meet Thursdays at 6:15 PM
Old Shire Office.
Point Nepean Rd
Dromana, VIC  3936
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Hello members,and Friends.
   It was another small meeting this week, still a lot of members are either away or sick, Elaine and Ailsa are unwell but hopefully on the mend, good to hear members are keeping in touch with Ailsa  as she has been unwell for a while now but hopefully on the mend, we all wish her well, Elaine has cought Rays cold,he is a sharing man, both our girls get better soon.
tonights meal was chicken Parmas ,chips and salad.
Meeting was opened by Chairman Murray and handed over to secretary Lynn (finaly came back after her long road trip up north, glad to have you back safely ,with you 2 pugs. )who then handed over to Pres Ross.
Anthem ,invocation and toast to the people was done.
Director Peter, thanked the club for there donation to Marys cancer council lunch, and advised we will be doing another Rotary cinema
fundraiser soon.
lotto was done and wone by me, and as usual put the money back in fine box, and fine session was done again, great job Murray.
Also on another note, l recieved an update email from Councilor Antonella about our dishwasher, Antonella has given to her officer in charge, apparently there a few other items at the hall that need attention as well, including the switch board ,airconditioning and kitchenette at U3A costing $38k, she has has said at worst case will go in the budget for 17/18 capital budget.
we are not giving up on this ,and l will personaly keep in touch with Councilor Antonella to make sure we do upgrade our dishwasher as soon as possible.
Our guests tonight are from the Dromana Secondary college, here is there report and pics
Next week l am adding a Joke section to our Bulletin, stay tuned.
This weeks story was written by the students from Dromana Secondary College, hope you enjoy, Pete.
On the 14th of July, the 15 of us, and our 3 wonderful guardians, Mr King, Ms Lukies and Ms Dare traveled across to Cambodia, to undertake a 3 week expedition that saw us journey across the sprawling countryside, throughout the bustling cities and inside ancient temples. The 3 weeks were split into 4 segments, arrival in Phnom Penh, the community project, the hike and the final week in Siem Reap.
For those that don’t know, Cambodia’s recent past is filled with bloodshed and senseless murder. From 1975-1979 approximately a quarter of Cambodia’s total population were killed by Pol Pot, the leader of the Khmer Rouge regime. Pol Pot wished to create his perfect society, in which supporters of the former government, educated people and non-Cambodians were not allowed to exist. The Khmer Rouge set up torture centres and extermination camps and killed anyone who they believed to be a threat. We were advised to read the book, First They Killed My Father, which was an excellent way to prepare us for the confronting scenes that awaited us at the Killing fields and the S-21 Genocide Museum.
We spent 4 days in Phnom Penh. The first day was just adjusting to our new surroundings and settling in to the hotel. The second day was similar to the first but we also went out and explored the city. The third day, for those who were up to it, consisted of visiting the Russian and Central Markets. On the fourth day, we visited the Killing Fields and the S-21 Genocide Museum. The fifth day was our last in Phnom Penh and that morning we packed up our bags and hopped on a bus that would take us to the community project.
As with any good story, ours too features tragedy, but we were beset upon by it much sooner than anticipated. You see, second day in Cambodia, bang, 12 sick. Now I’m not talking head cold sick, I’m talking diarrhoea, vomiting, a mix of the two, (where’s another pair of undies) lovely stuff, Ms Lukies can attest. I’ll spare you the grisly details but Mr King will never forget the moment when he was asked to unclog a drain filled with spew, resembling Mt Everest.
But don’t yet be dissuaded by this account of our happenings, this was but a tiny bump in the road. This trip was something that we will never forget and has provided each of us with memories and lessons that will never leave us, perhaps the most important of all; don’t try the beef burger at the dodgy restaurant in Phnom Penh. But seriously, it is amazing how happy people can be, even with so little. Hopefully you too can share an experience like this, when Mr King launches another expedition in 2018. Thank You.
Jaidyn Heeren
Our second week in Cambodia was by far my highlight of our trip. 
The absolute reason behind our expedition to Cambodia was to help those who go everyday without the simple needs we take for granted. On our fourth day in Cambodia, the group was collected and were taken to our community project in the small farming community, ‘Isanborei', 4 hours from the capital city Phnom Phen. The town is slowing recovering from the civil war less than 40 years ago, and still is suffering in poverty. 
Our itinerary for the next five days included our team of 15 to build a new home for a family of 5. We were working for Mrs ….. a widow and her son who was unfortunately deaf and her other son, who had traveled to Thailand to earn more money, and his wife and daughter. With mid to high thirties and very high humidity, due to June being in the start of the monsoon season, the group found it hard to deal with the extreme climate conditions. After a long day, in the afternoons we traveled to a local school where we assisted in English classes and played hours of soccer. These afternoons made me realise why we had come all this way. To change a families life and bring joy and hope to the young children of the community. At the end of our stay with the local family, we had completed a house with four walls with a roof and floor on stilts, it might not sound like much but to them this was life changing and provided them with the basic need of shelter and safety. 
Saying goodbye we were blessed by monks for a safe and long life. I became very emotional at this stage of saying goodbye and passing her new home over to Mrs ..... The atmosphere, energy and how thankful and appreciative we felt overwhelmed me. At this point it hit me, this experience has lead me to some amazing places and enabled me to make connections with incredible people and taught me lessons that no parent or teacher could teach. Grace Upton Jones
After having two days off relaxing and preparing for the 40 degree heat we took the bus that dropped us off at the surrounding country of Siem Reap. This was the beginning of our four day trek.
Our trek consisted not only walking though scorching heat, but it was to explore Cambodia's scenic landscape and emirs ourselves in the local communities.
For the first 3 days we walked through villages and connected with the locals.
Day 1: we visited a floating village. A floating village is designed to protect houses from floods by using stilts to keep them above water. The floating villages especially the one we visited was a very poor community, it put things in perspective, motivating the group to continue the hike without complaint of ache feet or the heat.
The next 2 days: we walked and caught a truck that took us to our next home stay. These families that opened their homes to our group and cooked us meals, we became very appreciative. During these two days our tour guide Senut organised for the group to witness local tradesmen ship and learn where our products come from and the strife they go through to earn just $1.
Entering a village with the absolute loudest music you would ever hear gave us a warm welcoming to our second last home stay. It was there that the group decided that instead of walking we would ride bikes that the local children allowed us to borrow.
The bike ride for me was the ultimate favourite experience, it was indescribable. The group became very attached to their bike resulting that each of us named them. The eighteen of us riding the streets on Cambodia was something out of a movie.
To finding off the perfect day we arrived at a beautiful home stay that reminded us of the beach. That night most of us slept in hammocks just metres form the water. Although at the time it being a good idea we woke up to uncountable bites.
Although we woke up with bites, it was the last day of the trek we visited ancient temples that are thousands  upon thousands of years old. On the bus trip we stopped at a rice field farming area and the group spontaneously helped the locals. They thought that us Australians were very amusing.
We were exited to get back to civilisation, but I know each of us loved every moment!  Bites and all!
Summer Rodriguez Jones 💃🏽
Thanks kingo!!!!!
Meetings held weekly at Old Shire Offices, Point Nepean Road, Dromana.

Arrive 6:00 pm        Meeting Starts 6:30 pm    Ends 8:00 pm
If you cannot attend the meeting,
then please send your apologies to Elaine Barnard-Brown - - before the Tuesday preceding the meeting.
Catering for meals is expensive if you do not turn up and your meal has be paid for.