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Guests: Carol Hayllar,Grace Fanning, and our Guest Speaker, Jeremy Maxwell
Peter Anderson, John Barnes, Mark Long, Tyrrell McGeever,  Roger McMillan, Rod Troutbeck,Tony Viney
May 13, 2021
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May 20, 2021
Big Walk in Tassie The Southern Ranges.
May 27, 2021
Jun 24, 2021
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Alexander, Rob
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Fitzgerald, Greg
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Byatt, Colin
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Catering for meals is expensive if you do not apologise your meal has been paid for and all your fellow members suffer the loss.

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Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.( we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Australian Rotary Health always always looking for help with an emphasis on Mental Health in this coronavirus time

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President's Message
member photo
Hi All
After a number hospital and doctor visits I have finally been cleared of nasty threats. Still some unknowns?
So back to all things Rotary..
Next meeting we are having the Principle of the Dromana primary School, Andrew Haley, address us.
As “older members” (nothing to do with age), will recall we have had many years of association with the School including a number of joint projects including the Art Show
So it will be good to renew the connection.
I have noticed that some members at the bar end of the meeting have some difficulty seeing the screen presentations. Last week we had the tables arranged to get then closer to the screen. Hopefully this will help matters. Of course those with less than perfect vision can choose to sit closer to the screen or move their chair accordingly.
Preaching to the converted
I have been monitoring the statistics of the Bulletin and see that only a few (seven) members even bothered to open last week’s bulletin let alone read it.
A lot of effort goes in to producing it each week and it does have some useful stuff in it. So please have some respect for the editor, currently Andrew Turner, and of course stay informed.
Foundation Giving Shortcomings.
For those of you that visit the District Website you would have seen this already
Humanitarian Aid to India
It has been suggested we consider a donation(s) to India to assist with their terrible experiences with COVID. The President of the Rotary Club of Mumbai Mulund South has asked if other Rotarians can help through their Club. I recommend we approach the Indian Club and ask how we can assist in whatever way they deem the best possible avenue.
Tyrrell McGeever
Chair International Services
Calamari ‘Bravas’ Salad
Chilli Calamari, Chorizo, Fried Potato, Braised Farro (Green Wheat), Roasted Peppers, Soft Herbs, Capers, Aioli, Lemon
Chicken scallopini, served on Potato roti
Chocolate cake  and custard   
Hope to see you all on Thursday

Hello Rotary Partners,

Nothing inspiring this week

ciao Carol

Happenings at the last meeting
Rick opened the meeting and spoke about attending the mini conference and how successful it was. He also introduced the Rotary Project for the Environment and pointed out how we all have a stake in the future for our children and grand-children.
After dinner Lyn chaired the meeting and invited Secretary Bob to give his update.
Bob, once again, spoke on a number of subjects: Rotary Health and its focus on children; he presented a list of the topmost Rotary acronyms; MONA enrolments will be via Zoom; Care flights for family of people in hospital; a membership application from Joseph Sofia; nominations for Victorian Senior of the Year; a special option on the Eagle for seniors; and Hi Vis vests for the market volunteers.
After Lotto and fines, Mike spoke about the latest social media updates and that the new market flyers are due next week.
This weeks speaker was Jeremy Axel from Southern Peninsular Community Support. Jeremy spoke about the pressure on the Peninsular regarding people and families in need. He gave us statistics regarding the scope of what the SPCS covers (2000 individuals and families over 242 sq kilometres) and the aid they provide ($300,000+ in food and $90,000+ in material aid). It was pointed out that the fastest growing group of people accessing the SPCS services were women in the 50+ group. The problems are being exacerbated by the pressure being exerted on the local rental market. Agencies on the Peninsular work together and are providing support to rough sleepers with the SPCS providing such things as showers and food packs. Jeremy pointed out that volunteers and case managers make the work possible but it is a growing problem which is only hidden by the wealthy communities on the Peninsular. Jeremy took questions from the floor and was thanked by Chairperson Lyn.
Director Terry spoke on the New Generations Portfolio and the mediocre response from many schools who have been recipients of Dromana Rotary payments. He then introduced an series of amendments to the scholarship process which he has proposed to the Board. In addition Terry mentioned a little know $250 rebate in electricity which is available to concession holders.
Next, Director Harry announced that the Changeover night would be at the normal venue. The District Assembly will be on the 22nd July with a zoom session on the 23rd.
This weeks GIG was presented by Ray Barnard-Brown and was on the topic of having “make-up” meetings with other Rotary clubs, far and wide. Rotary Down Under and the Rotary web site have lists of available clubs.
Director Greg announced that the visit from Crittendens as a future speaker may involve a degustation menu if members are happy with the cost.
Merv provided information on the upcoming Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. The Salvo’s at Rosebud will be having a concert, featuring the Melbourne Staff Band at 2:30 on Sunday 16th May. Entry is $5:00 which goes to the Appeal. The site is 2 Melaleuca Ave, Capel Sound which is off Eastbourne Road.
Lyn announced that there were eggs for sale and handed back to President Rick who closed the meeting at 8:10.