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Welcome to our Club!
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Safety Beach Sailing Club
185 Marine Dr
0481 487 895
2nd & 4th Wednesday full dinner meetings with guest speakers. 3rd Wednesday dinner meetings & committee meetings. 1st Wednesdays social nights & off site visits. 5th Wednesdays no meetings
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President's Message
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Many thanks to Trevor Hodgson for his informative talk on the Peninsular Specialist College, which I'm sure all the Members enjoyed.
I'd like to welcome Wayne Hicks as our newest Member. The Club will appreciate his experience and enthusiasm.
Conversely, it's sad to see Col Byatt departing but we wish him all the best at his new Club.
This week we are having our second Committees Meeting so I expect everyone to come prepared to give input to their committee discussion.

Happenings at last week’s Meeting

This week’s Meeting began with President Mike welcoming our Guest Speaker Trevor Hodson and welcoming back Wayne Hicks and Col Byatt.
Mike called up Wayne to announce that he was receiving a Paul Harris Fellowship from his previous Club in Launceston, and he was now joining the Dromana Rotary Club. Both pieces of news were greeted with enthusiastic applause.
Next, Mike called up Col. Col wanted to take the opportunity to inform the Club that, since moving up towards Frankston, he has found it difficult to attend many of our Meetings, so he had begun attending the Frankston 02 Club. Having found a generous welcome from these Members he had decided to transfer from Dromana to Frankston. The Meeting wished Col all the best at his new Club and assured him of a welcome anytime he can come back to one of our Meetings.
Now the Meeting was handed over to Michael as Chair. Firstly he read out the apologies and then introduced our Guest Speaker, Trevor Hodson from the Peninsular Specialist College.
Trevor gave the Club a very informative talk on the College. Currently there are 154 students in 17 classes ranging from year 4 up to year 12. There are 30 specialist teachers and over 40 support staff. Support workers work across the whole school, instead of concentrating on individual students, to engender independence in the students. One of the schools’ goals is to manage the transition of the students into the wider world.
The school employs speech and occupational therapists and uses a combination of high and low tech’ communication tools. The staff all must learn various management skills for dealing positively with all the students in a range of situations. The staff do build strong relationships with the student over their time at the schools.
Trevor showed the Meeting some of the toolbox of strategies that they teach the students.
Additionally, the school provides breakfasts for up to 30 students and assists others with needs such as school uniforms. Funds are always being sought but currently the most urgent funding needs are for new school buildings.
After a brief question and answer session Trevor was thanked for taking the time to come and talk to the Club.
The Chair now called for the Presidents Report.
Mike gave a brief report which essentially was thanks for attending the Social Night and making it such a success. Next time we will be looking for a different venue.
Now was time for the Secretary’s Report with Mark running through:
  • The Board Meeting allocated:
    • $2000 to the Sothern Peninsular Community Services.
    • $1000 for the Rotary Against Malaria mosquito nets.
    • $1000 to the garden project in Nepal.
  • And the Board announced that a vote was not required as Pete Anderson was now President Elect;
  • Club and Board Meetings continue as scheduled;
  • The Market made a profit of $2432.61;
  • The Dromana Australia Day Committee allocated the Club $500 in recognition of contribution;
  • Avenues of Service training sessions are now online;
  • The Club has received thanks from the Dromana Secondary College for our scholarship;
  • On the 16th May the Shire will be conducting a meeting about the Peninsular Trail with emphasis on the area around Anthony’s Nose; and
  • The Club has purchased a new laptop.
The Chair called for Directors Reports.
Charles reminded the Meeting about the upcoming Movie Night on the 24th May.
There was a call for any Members Reports.
Greg spoke about the Tiny Houses Project. It has been proposed that the Club become the landlord to simplify a lot of the paperwork. The Board has agreed to the Club “owning” the House but there will be further investigations regarding any other ramifications of this approach.
Harry announced that Dromana Secondary College will be receiving a demonstration of the SkyHydrant from Disaster Aid with the hope that the school can be enlisted as a sponsor.
Adrian spoke on the 50th Anniversary of Mt Martha Rotary Club. The Club has been recognised by Rotary International for its contributions to Rotary Foundation. It has also been recognised for its Centurian Club contributions. The Club has had up to 52 Members, starting on 12th July 1974, and has provided four District Governors.
Chris gave a brief Market Update. It seems the discussions on closing the Market for winter are still ongoing. We will need to give the stallholders fair warning of any decision.
Lotto was drawn by Trevor and won by Marion. Murray now swung into the Fines session with particular emphasis on the Talkers. (He pulled in quite a bit as the Talkers kept on talking back. Ed)
Michael handed the Meeting back to Mike and it was closed at 8:00
You will receive an email each week requesting that you confirm your attendance at the next meeting by return email of by phone call or text.

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