May is

Youth Service Month
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Ailsa Hemphill
May 15
Rick Hayllar
May 27
Spouse Birthdays
Ginny McMillan
May 4
Freda Donaldson
May 5
May 5
Julie Barnes
May 30
Roger McMillan
Ginny McMillan
May 31
Tony Viney
Sue Viney
May 31
Join Date
Brenton Ellis
May 9, 2019
2 years
Mark Long
May 14, 2015
6 years
Last Meeting
Guests: Carol Hayllar, Dean Richards, Marianne Trigg Alan Trigg, Julie Barnes
Brenton Ellis, Mark Long,  Roger McMillan, Rod Troutbeck,
Harry Ziegerink
May 27, 2021
Jun 03, 2021
Climate and Climate Change
Jun 10, 2021
Man Behind the Badge
Jun 24, 2021
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This Meeting's Responsibilities
Alexander, Rob
Ziegerink, Harry
Cashier 1
Fitzgerald, Greg
Cashier 2
Byatt, Colin
O'Day, Terry
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Welcome to our Club!
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
The Valley Golf Club
District Site
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Arrive 6:00 pm

Meeting Starts 6:30 pm

Ends 8:00 pm

If you cannot attend the meeting, then please send your apologies to

John or Julie Barnes email:,

or phone on 0407 800 852,
before the 5.00pm of the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

Catering for meals is expensive if you do not apologise your meal has been paid for and all your fellow members suffer the loss.

Current Projects

In the current state of the world our normal fund raising activities  are on hold. But that does not stop you from supporting our local and Overseas


Polio is nearly eliminated from the world.( we older guys grew up with it all around us)

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Our Australian Rotary Health always always looking for help with an emphasis on Mental Health in this coronavirus time

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President's Message
member photo
Hi all
On behalf of the members I must thank again, Honorary Member Geoff Hosking for his donation toward the restoration of the Trailer generously donated to the Club by Rotarian Rob Alexande. When Zen completes the re-build Tony will get his trailer back!
May Market results.
It was a great turn up by members to make the market a success. The weather was very kind to us as well.
In the absence of Treasurer Mark I will do my best to summarise the financial results. So may be subject to E&O!
Mark will elaborate more if necessary
Stall holders fees $1570
Total Income Cash $628.20 and we sold out of sausages at about closing time!
Credit Card $94.64
Spinner $240.7
Total income $2535.54
BBQ expense $180
Approx Profit $2355.54
Garry Crittenden Wine tasting Dinner was originally scheduled for the 3rd of June. But it has now been put on hold, to be rescheduled. This will give you all more time to fine tune your pallets.
The David Buchanan Celebration of a Selfless life
Next Sunday the 30th of May at 11.00 A.M.
And thanks again Lyn Lewis for all the work you have done to make this happen.
Hopefully you will all be able to turn up.
This week's menu is:
Pork Scotch steak, mashed potatoes and veg.
Flathead Tails, chips and salad.
Dessert is individual pavlovas with cream, berries etc.
See you Thursday
Happenings at the last meeting
Rick opened the meeting and introduced Tony as the Chair for this evening. He then went on to welcome the various guests attending the meeting.
After dinner Tony invited Secretary Bob to give his update.
Bob spoke on the changing focus of ROMAC towards catering to the needs of children affected by COVID. Adrian suggested that the club could look at sponsoring such children and praised the work of ROMAC.
After Lotto and fines, Tony reminded the volunteers that the market was an early start and that 35-40 stalls were expected.
Director Adrian announced that the induction of Joseph Sofia would be conducted during the Changeover night.
Next, Director Greg announced that the next meeting would incorporate a Crittendens wine tasting as well as wines during each course. The cost of dinner would be $37. Unfortunately, since this announcement Greg Crittenden has had to postpone the evening. Greg Fitzgerald will announce a new date when it can be arranged.
Geoff Hosking announced a substantial donation to the club from himself and his wife Val. The meeting applauded their generosity.
Lyn provided an update on the progress of the David Buchanan memorial function on 30th May.
Merv gave an update on the Red Shield Appeal and asked that any other possible volunteers contact him.
This weeks guest speaker was Greg Fitzgerald who spoke on his trek on the Precipitous Bluff Assent in the Tasmanian Southern Ranges. Greg detailed the preparations for the trek and the various trials and tribulations he and his two companions went through. While prey to the elements they encountered majestic scenery and felt a sense of achievement on completing the arduous challenge.
After taking questions from the meeting, Adrian and Rick thanked Greg and the meeting was closed at 8:20.