Scoping Dromana Rotary Spinner Project
The Project is using a contraption called a Money Spinner to
A/Generate coin donation for various causes
B/Distinctively Identify /Promote what Rotary does (PR)
C/Link the Rotary Club of Dromana  with the community by displaying a Phone number and other links.
D/Use the venue as a extra point of distribution of Rotary Literature
E/ Gain Spinner sponsorship for investment in further Spinners.
What has happened up to Date
The Club Has established three large spinners operating and one special spinner.
A /  Dromana  -Large Spinner sponsored  requiring up to date insurance currency document to be sent to Morgan and Rule the shopping centre owners. This insures continuing free lease.
B/ Mc Rae-Large Spinner Sponsored no lease accepted there by absent nearly uncontactable owner but going well now John has filled with bricks.
C/ Library Spinner   Special spinner (low noise) for the purpose of the R0tary club purchasing books for peninsula reads or display shelving for the program. I would suggest that 10% of funds raised are re invested into spinners. This is an opportunity for the Rotary Club to promote Rotary in a Public Location.  Antonella has instructed the shire officers to suggest what books should be bought but the have not responded. A  MOU has to be established as per a comment by Vicki Bishop Co-ordinator Libraries
D/The Briars Large Spinner.  This has established a foot hold in another large shire facility-180000 visitors. This was arranged through the Mayor Councillor Pittock and Simon the team Leader.
Rotary information has been established at a point where Community information is not normally allowed.
My Vision
1/ EXPAND the Program and trial further concepts.
2/ Have another Rotary club service a spinner in their patch
3/We liaise with a trial club say on Phillip Island.
4/Fund a spinner and share the revenue
5/Brand it a s a Rotary share deal
6/Say 33% to foundation 33% to the managing club and 33% to Dromana
7/ All sponsorship goes to spinner purchasing fund.
8/ We arrange the location and insure it.
Locally two new positions are being negotiated by Greg who I suggest is the Top and Bottom of the new chairlift.