2nd nov 2017


Posted by Peter Anderson on Nov 02, 2017

Good evening Rotarians and Friends.


Director Peter let members no that one of our members wife's was very ill, Roger McMillan's wife Ginny was unwell and has asked all members to pray for her, we will gladly do that as well as anything else they both may need, Roger told me that things were looking positive but its a long battle ahead, our thoughts and prayers are with you both



Member David B spoke about the new aluminum trailer, that is now been delivered to show at Halloween.


The GIG, also done by David B, he spoke about his trip 12,000 KM around the west coast, he enjoyed the mines and the towns along the way, he needed a grease gun, because he left his on the front porch of his house, to do his bearings.

He enjoyed the mine at Newman, Kalgoorlie, and also looking at the size of the trucks, 9 mil litres of diesel is delivered regularly to fill the machines.

He was away 79 days, also liked looking at the wild flowers, the Canola and also the Elmore field day.


Director Harry spoke about the flyer Rotary card, it explains what rotary is all about, and asked that all members hand them out, they are no use in the cupboard, hand them out.


Director Secretary Ray spoke about the cinema night, and that tickets are available from Ray and Elaine, or can be purchased at Mirage Hair Dromana Shop 3 Pier St, cash sales only.


Director Rick spoke about our new credit card gadget, he is still playing with it, members will be able to pay for meals, dues etc, electronically shortly.


Member John Barnes spoke about the working with children and members having police checks, most members have already done them but still a few more need doing.


Member Greg Fitz spoke about working bee for Halloween, and if he intends to have another meeting prior.


Sergeant Murray done the Lotto and fine session.


Our guest speaker was David Jarman, he's a foundation member of our club, His talk tonight was THE MAN BEHIND THE BADGE.

David brought in some pictures of his past, his father ploughing the fields, one of an old car and one of a rail yard.

he started his work as an apple farmer in Red Hill, started by his grandfather,who came over on the US Norseman, His grandfather was a very prosperous person and bought land of one of the Prosser

family, 1933  His grandfather was one of the first to have an irrigation systems, while the property was being developed, he employed others to help and they became wonderful citizens of the community.

All labour was manual in those days, he also mentioned the Wilson family.

The picture of the car was a 9 seater.

He said there were 300 apple growers on the peninsula, more than the apple isle ( Tasmania ), he had a timber mill, he said they needed diversification, he studied at Frankston to gain qualifications in other areas.

David was on the chicken growers association, he's been Mayor in our area.

He also bought and operated a supermarket in Frankston for 14 years.

He also bought some other investments, including an old Hawthorn house owned by the Hepburn family, but regretfully sold it.

David went on to mention other great events in his life that all members enjoyed hearing.

pic of David Jarman and the way it used to be!

And don't forget to let Elaine know that you are coming to the Christmas party Click here for details